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Government Inspections and International Trade

Your Gateway for Global Trade

In today’s world of trade, there is a growing risk of products and materials not being delivered on time or lacking the quality agreed upon. Governments and businesses across the world have the common need for a guarantee that imported and exported products align with national and international standards.

As a global leader in testing, inspection, and certification services, TÜV Rheinland works as a gateway to facilitate international trade worth trillions of US dollars annually.

We are an authorized conformity assessment body helping governments verify that imported goods are in compliance with national and international regulations and facilitating smooth market access for traders by helping them navigate complex regulatory requirements.

Additionally, we help global trade parties mitigate risks in contractual agreements for commodities through our Commercial Inspections for various commodities and consumer goods.

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Agility. Integrity. Transparency. Trust.

In 2022, we proudly celebrated our 150th anniversary. This shows our huge experience in testing, inspection and certification. The basis of our success and knowledge is an international network of experts and laboratories. As a conformity assessment body, we oversee all the relevant regulations, whether on national or international level. We assist businesses, exporters, importers, and manufacturers to get a quick entry to the country of destination through a seamless customs clearance process.

Local service delivery

Localization and support around the world, with more than 500 locations in over 60 countries.

Speed & cost

Our one-stop service with test and document preparation saves your time and money.

Brand & trust

Our test and inspection reports are internationally recognized, thanks to our ISO/IEC 17025 accreditations (test reports), ISO/IEC 17020 accreditations (inspection) and TIC Council (formerly IFIA), FOSFA and GAFTA memberships.

Access more markets

Our global service network facilitates greater global market access.

Facilitation of trade

Jump over language barriers by taking advantage of our multi-national teams.

Government Inspections and International Trade Service at a Glance

Pre-Export Verification of Conformity (PVoC) Certification Process

As a reliable conformity assessment body with over 150 years of experience, our aim is aligned with the authorities‘ vision to safeguard the health and safety of end consumers. In today‘s globalized trade, we assist businesses, exporters, importers, and manufacturers in gaining quick entry to the country of destination through a seamless customs clearance process.

Find the right certification program for you country of destination

Exporting to Africa

Algeria | Botswana | Ethiopia | Libya | Morocco | Sudan | Tanzania | Uganda

Exporting to Asia

Indonesia | Philippines

Exporting to the Middle East

Egypt ( GOIEC Scheme COI and NFSA Scheme COI ) | Kuwait | Qatar | Saudi Arabia (SALEEM/SABER SCHEME COC, SQM, SFDA COC and Food Products Registration)

Commercial Inspections

International trade is a mainstay for most businesses and in many cases, this involves long distance contractual agreements. In order to avoid dispute and mitigate risk, traders often demand for a third party inspection to perform a quantitative and qualitative check over their consignments.

Our Commercial Inspections services are a proven solution for buyers, sellers, and manufacturers to gain smooth market access and trade with confidence. The services are often conducted in connection with a Letter of Credit (LOC) or are based on bespoke or industry-specific requirements to ensure the certainty a buyer or seller may need.

Our Scope of Services

  • Delivery and completeness verification
  • Quantity verification
  • Condition check of consignment and its goods
  • Loading and off-loading supervision
  • Letter of Credit (LOC) inspections
  • Industry-specific or bespoke inspection requirements

Our commercial inspections services cover the following commodities

Corona pandemic | Information for Customers of TÜV Rheinland Market Access Services

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TÜV Rheinland Remote Inspections will enable your global market access

Even if restrictions due to the Corona pandemic are effective, our primary goal is to be your reliable partner for inspections and audits in terms of governmental programs.

That means, in principle, we carry out all inspections within the required regulations and originally agreed planning. Unless there are circumstances that require an exception to this basic rule.

We, as your independent third party, are making our expertise available remotely.

Deployment of Remote Inspections and Audits

Our remote services for pre-shipment inspection and audits will ensure that imports comply with their national regulations. Thus, Conformity Assessments for equipment, components and relevant documentation conform to contractual requirements and are achievable for you – even in these challenging times. Your advantage is that no on-site inspection is required in case of Corona Pandemic related circumstances.

This technology-driven approach leads to an improvement of the customer’s interaction as well as the service providing itself. Reduction of travel and time efforts will increase the efficiency of the inspections.

Remote inspections procedures can be applied for most of the generic inspections and audits. Our team works on specific parts of the inspection and audit program with your employees via standard tools as Skype, Webex or Zoom.

Our promise!

Our extensive experience gained in global supply chain projects make us your strong partner. Let us tackle and overcome this difficult period together. We assure you, that we will remain also in future your reliable partner for inspections and audits to enable your global success.

With our global network we secure your business

Test Marks and Certification

Teaser Text 2 For safe and high-quality products, we offer internationally recognized certifications and test marks as well as entries in our Certipedia certificate database that show exactly what was certified and tested.

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Updates on Regulations and Standards

On our Regulations and Standards Updates page you can download an overview of the latest updates to international norms and rules.

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Services for a smooth and reliable trade.

Do you have questions? Contact our local experts now!

Do you have questions? Contact our local experts now!

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