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Wireless / Internet of Things

Certification and Market Access for Wireless Products

International compliance & certification for your IoT, wireless, and radio equipment

Every country has different requirements for wireless and IoT products crossing its borders. Without meeting those regulations manufacturers or traders would face import and sales difficulties – ranging from restrictions to complete prohibitions. To ensure your Internet of Things, wireless, or radio equipment meet the necessary criteria of each region you would like to enter, we offer our Market Access Services – with support along every phase of development.

TÜV Rheinland has extensive knowledge of regulatory requirements for IoT devices, wireless equipment and radio frequencies. We understand the diverse conditions, technical standards and certifications required by over 180 countries around the world. Our experts conduct interoperability testing and examine conformity and documentation stipulations in and for your region of interest – for a faster market launch.

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We test and certify for a wide variety of wireless standards

A number of alliances and organizations are responsible for developing wireless communication protocols. We assist you in choosing the right ones for your IoT devices, to ensure compatibility in as many areas as possible. Our comprehensive IoT interoperability testing and wireless certification services include support for:

Topic Zigbee

Prove Zigbee compliance for wider market reach.

Topic Bluetooth®

Our qualification services ensure conformity.

Topic Wi-Fi

Accreditation boosts your competitive edge.

Topic Sigfox ReadyTM

Certify functionality on Sigfox networks.

Topic Thread

Ensure the reliability and security of your smart home.

Topic Wi-SUN

Test the interoperability of your Wi-SUN compatible products.

Topic LoRaWAN

LoRa Alliance certification offer higher brand visibility.


Connect the Smart Home and Smart Grid

Topic KNX

Run interworking and functionality tests

Topic openADR

Our laboratory in Japan is accredited for OpenADR certification testing

Topic G3-PLC

Extensive certification services

Topic ECHONET Lite

Ensure future success with ECHONET Lite and AIF Certification

Topic Matter

With Matter you ensure the compatibility of your smart home devices in complex ecosystems.

For a Seamless Market Access

Our Market Access Services for international regulatory approvals of wireless products and radio equipment provide you with a number of benefits. With our global knowledge and network, we assist you with new market entry anywhere in the world, resulting in a faster product launch. Those solutions include support from planning to market introduction, regulatory research, assistance with application processes, as well as globally recognized testing and certification documentation.

If you have specific questions, please get in touch with us personally. For more information, discover our Market Access Services website.

Benefit from our radio frequency approvals and certifications

Our services are designed to provide fast, cost-efficient regulatory approvals for your wireless products and radio equipment. We help you understand diverse market conditions and meet technical standards. Our comprehensive portfolio of services includes compliance support for the following major regulatory organizations.

US FCC and Canada ISED Compliance Testing and Approvals

US FCC and Canada ISED compliance testing – TÜV Rheinland

Our testing and approval services help you gain US FCC and Canada ISED certification needed to enter and succeed in the North America marketplace. Speak with an expert today!

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Telecommunication Products - Compliance with RED Directive

Telecommunication Products - Compliance with RED Directive

Conformity Evaluation for Radio Installations and Telecommunications Products.

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Tele­communication and Radio Equipment for Japanese Market

Telecommunication and Radio Equipment for Japanese Market

TÜV Rheinland Japan is a designated approval body with the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

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TEC Regulatory Testing and Approvals

TEC Regulatory Testing and Approvals

TEC India

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Our experts are happy to assist you with any further questions, specific needs and requests.