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CCC, SRRC, NAL and CEL Approvals for Greater China

CCC approvals for Greater China | TÜV Rheinland

Achieve CCC, SRRC, NAL, CEL and other approvals with our comprehensive certification services for Greater China

Made up of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Greater China has fast become one of the world’s largest markets. Manufacturers and distributors looking to export products to Greater China must follow diverse regional regulations, meet relevant standards and choose among various schemes to obtain appropriate approvals, certifications and licenses.

We provide you expert guidance throughout numerous regulatory processes to ensure your fast and cost-efficient entry to these important markets. Our comprehensive services support you in all aspects of achieving the right safety, energy efficiency and quality certification for your products.

Make sure your products are properly certified for approval to tap into the huge potential of these lucrative markets.

Get certified to compete and succeed in Greater China!

Ensure market access with our expertise in Greater China approvals

Our comprehensive one-stop shop for Greater China market access services help you to determine which compliance scheme is best for achieving approvals for the speedy and cost-efficient launch of your product. Gain a competitive edge in the markets of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan with our reliable and independent testing and approval services. Our interdisciplinary specialists conduct the regulatory research you need to succeed in obtaining certification appropriate to your products. We provide you a simple and convenient application process. Our worldwide network of experts operates in local languages for fast and reliable results. Take advantage of our extensive experience to assure your successful market access.

Comprehensive approval and certification services for Greater China

Approval services for Greater China | TÜV Rheinland

Our complete range of services supports manufacturers and distributors of products intended for export to markets in Greater China. Because regulatory bodies are local, our experience in nationally-specific approvals and certifications is key to successfully selecting the appropriate scheme for your products and confidently navigating procedural processes.

Our services cover all aspects of fulfilling the requirements for the following mandatory approvals and certifications:


CCC (China Compulsory Certificate) Certification

  • Most important mandatory approval applicable to safety and EMC issues affecting both Chinese and imported products such as ITE, A/V, household products, lighting, toys, electrical tools, electrical wires and cables, low voltage components, motor vehicles and automotive components, etc.

Reform of CCC Catalogue and CCC Certification Scheme

In 2018 and 2019, the Chinese authorities SAMR (State Administration for Market Regulation) and CNCA (Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China) have both published several Announcement (No. 11/2018 and No. 44/2019). They inform about the reform of the mandatory CCC product certification catalogue and about a new certification mode.

For manufactures and exporters of motor and automotive articles to China, this means that the CCC-scope has changed, as some product categories have been removed from the catalogue. Furthermore, the CCC self declaration mode was introduced for some products.

Please find further information on the revised CCC product catalogue and the new certification mode in our factsheet.

If you have further questions about the reform of CCC catalogue and CCC certification scheme, our experts will be happy to help you. Please contact us.

CCCF (China Certification for Fire Products) Certification

  • Approval of fire-fighting products - RO , such as fire alarming products, fire extinguishing sprinklers or fire communications products, etc.

SRRC (State Radio Regulation Committee) Certification

  • Type approval of radio communication equipment and wireless products

CEL (China Energy Label) Labeling

  • Proof of energy efficiency registration through the CELC (China Energy Label Center) for household products, ITE, lamps, etc.

NAL (Network Access License) Licensing

  • Approval of all telecom equipment with access to public networks issued by TAB (Telecom Administration Bureau)

CFDA (China Food and Drug Administration) Certification

China RoHS2 (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) Self-declaration

SELO License / China Manufacturer License

  • Approval for pressure-bearing products like pressure vessels (heat exchangers), boiler, pipes, safety parts, etc.


S-mark Certificate

  • Proof of compliance according to EPSR (Electrical Products Safety Regulation) for products designed for household use

OFCA (Office of the Communications Authority) Certification

  • Proof that telecommunication equipment and any industrial, scientific or medical devices emitting radio frequency energy meet the minimum technical requirements prescribed in the Hong Kong Telecommunication Equipment Evaluation and Certification Scheme addressing specifications for electrical safety, interference prevention and public network connection.

MEELS (Mandatory Energy Efficiency Labeling Scheme) Labeling

  • EMSD (Electrical and Mechanical Services Department) of Hong Kong demands air-conditioners, refrigerators, compact fluorescent lamps, washing machines and dehumidifiers be regulated and registered as listed models with reference numbers by MEELS as well as bear MEELS energy labels

VEELS (Voluntary Energy Efficiency Labeling Scheme) Labeling

  • EMSD voluntary scheme for over twenty-one types of household appliances and office equipment as well as petroleum-powered passenger cars.


BSMI (Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection) Certification

  • BSMI certification of all electrical, chemical, mechanical and electronic devices imported to Taiwan according to five different types of certification schemes dependent on the scope of delivery and product safety requirements. TÜV Rheinland Taiwan is approved lab for BSMI testing.

NCC (National Communications Commission) Certification

  • Regulation and approval of all telecom products in Taiwan

Together with our multi-national global network of experienced experts, we provide comprehensive approval and certification services to enable manufacturers and distributors such as automotive suppliers successfully place various products within the diverse landscape of the Greater China markets. As an NCC-approved certification body for controlled telecommunications radio frequency devices, TÜV Rheinland is qualified to provide testing and certification services for telecommunication terminal equipment (public land mobile network, PLMN) and controlled telecommunications radio frequency devices (low-power radio frequency devices) distributed to Taiwan, fulfilling the demand for one-stop service of wireless device manufacturers.

Your recognized partner in accessing Greater China

A global leader in independent testing, inspection and certification services, we provide you comprehensive market access services from a single source. Our expeditious expert support ensures the timely and successful introduction of your products in challenging markets.

Put our experience and expertise to work for you in Greater China!


pdf Factsheet Reform of CCC Catalogue and - Certification Scheme 2 MB Download

Worldwide Market Access

Worldwide Market Access
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We can help you develop new markets for your products with our global expertise in technical approvals and certifications. Our experts are fully experienced in approval requirements and can manage the required testing.

With our one-stop-shop services, you can have your product tested, certified, and shipped to the destination market as efficiently as possible.

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