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Global Market Access Services for Consumer and Industrial Goods

Activate your access to new markets with TÜV Rheinland.

Our Global Market Access Services (MAS) support the introduction of your products in new markets anywhere in the world. With today’s fast-changing regulatory environment, it is crucial for businesses to determine current legal requirements and import processes in different countries, which vary according to product groups. TÜV Rheinland supports you with thorough research regarding safety and regulatory approval, review of necessary application documents, facilitation of customs clearance for test samples, as well as appropriate testing and certification.

Play it safe with product compliance

With our Market Access Services, it is easy to overlook legal requirements of the target market. If necessary, certifications are not available, this can result in rejection at the border, in turn leading to delays and financial loss. If authorities or consumer associations recognize that a product fails to meet the regulatory requirements of a certain market, this could lead to recalls, legal liability and reputational damage to your entire brand. We mitigate these problems by proactively working with authorities and external partner as well as local subsidiaries and representatives to ensure compliance.

One-Stop testing and certification solutions

TÜV Rheinland has a wide network of laboratories across the globe, which enables us to perform testing almost anywhere. We are capable of issuing many certificates in house as we hold our own accreditations, and we complement our network of laboratories with external partners, especially in the USA, Canada and Japan. Additionally, our close interaction with local authorities ensure we are able to provide the necessary approvals. Our Market Access experts can be found in nearly every global region, so you can be sure of service in your own language, during your time zone, and – as always – with our personalized service and support.

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Certification and project management

We are handling your certification for your goal market and obtain the needed type approval. We can assign a dedicated project manager from TÜV Rheinland who will take care of all the regulatory aspects mentioned. This experienced professional will handle all the necessary documentation and applications for your desired country. They will establish and maintain contact with authorities, laboratories, customs offices and local representatives, thus ascertaining seamless coordination. With their expertise and familiarity with the regulations of the target market, and their ability to speak the local language, our team of experts are able to navigate any challenges that may arise and facilitate successful export operations.

Our verification services offer our clients a gateway to success. As a trusted conformity assessment body, we bring extensive experience in understanding the specifications of diverse markets. Our comprehensive range of services includes pre-shipment inspection, compliance assessment, sampling analysis, and physical inspection. Leveraging our global network of experts and numerous local offices, we provide practical assistance throughout the export process. Whether it's guiding you through application forms, addressing missing documentation, or providing support with local authorities, we are there for you every step of the way. Our goal is to ensure that your goods meet both national and international standards. Once conformity is established, we issue the necessary government-mandated certifications, which facilitates smooth customs clearance and a smooth export experience.

Strategies for customized innovation projects

When you set out on a product innovation journey, navigating the often unclear realm of regulatory requirements can be confusing. This challenge is further amplified by an international landscape that spans multiple economic areas. We understand the complexities and offer comprehensive support right from the start – from product design to successful Market Access. Our experts are even able to develop testing and certification procedures tailored to your specific needs, such as with innovative products where no sufficient standards are applicable. So that your vision of a successful product innovation can be seamlessly and cost-effectively realized.

Technical and regulatory requirement support

Our dedicated Market Access Service teams always remain close to our customers. In addition to providing detailed research reports, we offer calls or meetings to share information about often intricate regulatory requirements and their implications for you and your products. We also provide support for the preparation of essential documents, including assistance with your Technical Dossier; thus ensuring compliance and facilitating smooth market entry.

Regulatory research for faster market access

At TÜV Rheinland, we conduct thorough product-specific research tailored to your target country’s specifications. You receive a comprehensive report that includes all relevant regulatory information that can be adjusted based on your preferences and needs. Whether you prefer a concise overview or a more detailed analysis, we offer various options to meet your research requirements. You can choose to have a single product, or your entire product portfolio examined for one or multiple markets. If desired, we can also provide a monthly report highlighting any relevant regulatory changes in the countries you define as your markets of interest. This allows you to stay up-to-date with regulatory developments and make informed decisions to successfully navigate the ever-changing regulatory landscape.

Providing test protocols

At TÜV Rheinland, we understand the importance of tailored test protocol preparation for your products, especially when targeting new markets and standards. That’s why we offer on-demand services to provide test protocols that cater to both official regulatory requirements as well as internal customer test needs. We provide various options to meet your unique requirements. We can create general protocols that cover a broad range of products, buyer-specific protocols that align with the expectations of specific retailers, protocols focused solely on regulatory requirements, or quality-specific protocols based on product categories.

Marking and labeling checks

Our team of experts offer thorough reviews of the marking and labeling of your products. We ensure that you are well-informed of the applicable requirements, and help guide you through the complex regulation landscape. Our experts will carefully examine your product labels, providing confirmation where they meet the necessary criteria and offering constructive comments for any corrective actions that may be required. Currently, this service is primarily offered for the most requested target markets, focusing on compliance with the specific regulations governing these regions.

Your journey is individual – See how TÜV Rheinland supports you

We have own accreditations for many major export markets and we work with our strong external network

International accreditations
Argentina (ENACOM, S-Mark)Chile (SEC, SUBTEL)Mexico (IFT, NOM)Taiwan (BSMI, NCC, VPC)
Australia (ACMA, CoS/CoA, testing for RCM compliance)Columbia (RETIE)EAEU (EAC, FAC, FSS)Thailand (TISI, NBTC)
Brazil (INMETRO, ANATEL, NR12)India (ARAI, BIS, WPC)Singapore (CoC, IMDA, TR-25-1:2022 CoC, LNO)UAE (ECAS, AD, QCC)
Canada (ISED, cTUV, field labeling)India (ARAI, BIS, WPC)South Africa (ICASA, NRCS, SABS CoC)USA (TUVus, FCC, Field Labeling Services)
China (CCC, CQC, SRRC, NAL)Japan (JRF, PSE, S-Mark, MIC, VCCI, OSHA)South Korea (KC Safety, KC RRA EMC, MSIP, RRA)

Additionally, TÜV Rheinland offers voluntary product approval for many markets. The well known “TÜV Mark” became a competitive advantage in a world where product quality is of increasing importance. That´s not all: on your request, we also provide you with information about further countries. Just get in touch with our experts.

Market Access Services – The benefits of TÜV Rheinland

KNOWLEDGE | Our experienced MAS expert team provides answers to your questions about regulatory requirements of different countries. We handle projects directly with authorities, organizations, and laboratories. Our more than 30 years of approval experience ensures seamless access to global markets.

With representations in 69 countries, over 500 locations and more than 250 laboratories, we are at home all over the world to facilitate your market access.

TÜV Rheinland

GLOBAL NETWORK | On behalf of our customers we discuss open topics with all stakeholders, such as authorities and laboratories, on a global level. Our teams are fluent in many languages, with access to over 500 locations worldwide.

We handle communication with authorities and international parties and explain complex issues to you in your native language with our local contacts.

INNOVATION | If you would like to sell to new markets, we check all mandatory requirements for successful exportation. That includes topics involving safety, electromagnetic compatibility and radio aspects. We always strive to reveal the whole picture so that you are able to develop regulatory roadmaps for innovative products.

Some of our MAS Project Managers tell you how manifold their job is


Erica Huang

Q: What is your role as a Project Manager for MAS?

A: My role is to coordinate internal and external customers, to act as a bridge or interface between the customers, experts and certification bodies. And to try to find solutions to resolve any troubles and difficulties.

Q: What motivates you?

A: Our customers are happy with our expertise and prompt response. Conversation and knowledge exchange between customers and experts are very important.

Q: What makes the job exciting for you?

Every day is a new day that brings new tasks and challenges. It is my greatest hope to deliver the best in customer satisfaction.


Martin Finke

Q: What is your role as a Project Manager for MAS?

A: My role is to bring customers and experts together. We are the link between everyone.

Q: What motivates you?

A: Every day I am motivated to bring my input to the company. The most important is good conversation between experts and clients so that the client is satisfied with our expertise.

Q: What makes the job exciting for you?

A: No day is like the one before it, which expands my horizons. I’m able to get in contact with people around the world and am always able to work with a smile.


Anne Wauben

Q: What is your role as a Project Manager for MAS?

A: I coordinate certification projects for customers who want to export and sell their products in certain countries. For this, they often need different approvals. Sometimes a local test in the country or additional inspection is required, sometimes certification can be done on the basis of existing reports. I look after small manufacturers needing certification for single models in one country or large producers wanting to introduce their entire product portfolio worldwide.

Q: What motivates you?

A: My biggest motivation is being able to take good care of the customer in the approval processes, to get positive feedback and thus follow-up orders; that's what it's all about in the end.

Q: What makes the job exciting for you?

A: The job is extremely varied. We deal with a wide variety of inquiries and products, with a wide variety of countries and therefore with a wide variety of colleagues, spread around the globe. The international aspect makes the work exciting, but also challenging. In addition, regulatory requirements change – it simply never gets.


Stephan Wegmann

Q: What is your role as a Project Manager for MAS?

A: It is important to ensure that products or services are successfully brought to market and appropriately regulated, with the focus on fulfilling the client's wishes and goals in the best possible way. In order to achieve this, good communication is important, as well as maintaining positive relationships with regulators, partner companies and, of course, the client.

Close cooperation with various internal departments is also a large part of the daily tasks, so that the customer ultimately receives an all-round "carefree package".

Q: What motivates you?

A: As the markets, regulatory environments and product enquiries are always changing, the day-to-day work is never boring. This means that you always have to adapt and react flexibly to the most diverse initial situations.

This is often challenging but is extremely motivating at the same time.

Q: What is it like to work with international partners and teams?

A: It’s a very beneficial part of my work, but requires careful planning, effective communication and a willingness to face challenges. With the right approach, it can lead to successful collaborations and valuable cross-cultural experiences. It brings together people with different cultural backgrounds, experiences and ways of thinking. This diversity can lead to innovative solutions and approaches to deal with challenges.


Rie Dimke

Q: What is your role as a Project Manager for MAS?

A: As a project manager for MAS, I offer support to our customers to get international product approvals smoothly. My responsibilities are defined as managing product testing and certification. Therefore, my role ensures a good cooperation among customers, our team, overseas certification bodies and government.

Q: What motivates you?

A: My work could be challenging. Though, I could surpass them and achieve my goals. I also receive positive feedback from customers. These are somehow the things that give me fulfilment in my job.

Q: What makes the job exciting for you?

A: As I work in international product certification, I always find it exciting to have the opportunity to communicate with various parties from different countries. I could continuously gain new experiences and knowledge which keeps me going to utilize my expertise for future projects.

Ebook – All you need to know about international regulations

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