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Do I need a UK adress on the product, if I import from the EU?

Yes, the importer address should also be placed on the product. The legislation specific to your product may make allowances for the importer details to be placed elsewhere if it is not practical to place them on the product.

For the CE mark in 2021, can the EU representative listed in the DOC live in UK or must reside in the other 27 states? Currently our EU rep lives in UK.

An EU representative must be located in the EU, UK based representatives will no longer be recognised as an EU representative after 31st December 2020.

Is there a possibility that “Approved Bodies“ will not be authorised in time for all the relevant regulation areas (for UKCA conformity assessment)? Are there other Approved Bodies in the UK, or will be?

Any EU Notified Bodies located within the UK will automatically become UK Approved Bodies on 1st January 2021 so we can be confident that the vast majority of the total scope will be covered by a UK Approved Body. That said there is a risk that for a few products no UK Approved Body will have them on their scope before the end of the transition period, in which case the relevant authority should be contacted for advice.

Are test reports issued within EU, accepted by UK to certify products in line with UKCA?

Where third party conformity assessment is required by the applicable legislation, test reports issued outside of the UK may be accepted by a UK Approved Body at their discretion for certification. This is only possible if the testing laboratory holds suitable accreditation and the correct test standards were applied.

I was under the impression that CE and UKCA are self-certification. Has this changed? What would be the reason to ask a notified body to look over anything apart from peace of mind? If the testing performed meets standards used in that market don’t you just fill out a Declaration and save the results like we used to? (and register the product).

For many Directives/Legislation no Notified Body/Approved Body involvement is required, however some Directives/ Legislation do require the involvement of a Notified Body. The UKCA requirements very closely mirror the CE requirements, so if you do not require the involvement of a Notified Body for your CE you will not need a UK Approved Body for UKCA. If you are unsure if you require the ·involvement of a Notified Body/Approved Body you can review the applicable Directives/Legislation or alternately contact us and we will be happy to assist.


Please contact us for more information!

Please contact us for more information!

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