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United Kingdom - Radio Equipment Regulations 2017

Open the doors to the United Kingdom with UKCA certification of radio equipment

‘The ‘Radio Equipment Regulations 2017’ set out the requirements that must be met before products can be placed on the UK market. The purpose of the legislation is to ensure safe products are placed on the UK market by requiring manufacturers to show how their products meet the ‘essential requirements’. The essential requirements are that radio equipment must be constructed so as to ensure (a)the protection of health and safety of persons and of domestic animals and the protection of property (b)an adequate level of electromagnetic compatibility Radio equipment must be constructed so that it both effectively uses and supports the efficient use of radio spectrum in order to avoid harmful interference. Regulation 14 of the 2017 Regulations requires that where there are restrictions on putting into service or requirements for authorisation of use, a manufacturer must include information on the packaging of the radio equipment to identify this.* As such, restrictions are to be identified by a specific Pictogram followed by the abbreviation “UK” or the words “Restrictions or Requirements in the UK”. Excluded from the regulations are equipment covered by other regulations, and e.g. specific radio equipment (used by radio amateurs) or marine equipment. Different requirements may apply in Northern Ireland. *Source: UK ‘Radio Equipment Regulations 2017’ TÜV Rheinland is accredited for radio-related services in many countries and a UK Approved Body for the UK Radio Equipment Regulations 2017’. Make use of our long-term experience in testing and certification for conformity with the UK ‘Radio Equipment Regulations 2017’, as well as other regional or local safety regulations and standards. Contact our experts for a quote!

Detailed Information

Technical aspects Safety
Market surveillance Yes
Obligation Mandatory
Factory inspection No
Sample testing Yes

Indefinite for Type Examination certificates (as long as the relevant standards remain unchanged and/or the product remains unchanged)

Product Scope


Equipment’, meaning an electrical or electronic product, which

intentionally emits and/or receives radio waves for the purpose of radio

communication and/or radiodetermination. Same products, but to be

completed with an accessory, such as antenna, are in scope of the

Directive as well.

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