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NTC/SDoC Approval

Ensure compliance with Thai telecommunication standards for your products with our solutions

The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) requires that technical standards and requirements be observed. Conformity assessment of telecommunication equipment may include testing, registration, certification, and other related activities. Types of approval are as follows: registration (class A equipment), certification (class B equipment), and supplier declaration of conformity (SDoC).Where NBTC prescribed technical standards or requirements apply, but the National Telecommunication Commission (NTC) does not require the equipment to be registered or certified, the supplier has an obligation to provide written attestation that the equipment conforms to standards using a supplier declaration of conformity (SDoC) form. All product suppliers, including distributors, manufacturers and importers may apply for NBTC telecom certification.We at TÜV Rheinland support you towards obtaining NBTC telecom certification. To ensure the quality of our services, we provide preliminary test results and estimated date of completion. Partnering with us means short lead times and benefitting from our established working relations with local authorities.Contact our experts for a quote and get NBTC telecom certification for your products!

Detailed Information

Technical aspects Telecom/Wireless
Market surveillance -
Obligation -
Factory inspection No
Sample testing Yes
- No expiry date.- Sample of SDoC/Class A Approval
Please refer to the attachment "NBTC-1" and "typeofconformityprocedures"

Product Scope

NTC. MT. 1001-2553 (VHF/UHF land mobile)

NTC. MT. 1002-2553 (CB 78/245 MHz)

NTC. MT. 1003-2553 (VHF/AM aeronautical mobile)

NTC. MT. 1004-2553 (GSM cellular mobile)

NTC. MT. 005-2548 (GMPCS)

NTC. MT. 006-2548 (Wireless microphone)

NTC. MT. 007-2548 (Radio model control)

NTC. MT. 1008-2549 (GSM base/repeater)

NTC. MT. 1009-2549 (Digital trunked radio)

NTC. MT. 1010-2550 (RFID)

NBTC. MT.1011-2557 (Vehicle radar)

NTC. MT. 1012-2551 (RLAN)

NTC. MT. 1013-2552 (BWA)

NTC. MT. 1014-2552 (WCDMA base/repeater)

NTC. MT. 1015-2552 (WCDMA cellular mobile)

NTC. MT. 1016-2549 (CDMA2000 base/repeater)

NTC. MT. 1017-2549 (CDMA 2000 cellular mobile)

NTC. MT. 1018-2550 (Radio amateur)

NTC. MT. 1019-2551 (FSS GSO earth station antenna)

NTC. MT. 1020-2550 (CB 27 MHz onboard ship)

NTC. MT. 1021-2550 (VHF maritime mobile)

NTC. MT. 1022-2552 (MF/HF maritime mobile)

NTC. MT. 1023-2552 (VHF Air-ground digital link (VDL))

NTC. MT. 1024-2552 (VHF/UHF digital land mobile)

NBTC. MT.1025-2557 (Short range device)

NBTC. MT.1026-2557 (Base station IMT)

NBTC. MT.1027-2557 (Client IMT)

NBTC. MT.1028-2558 (On-site paging system (base unit))

NBTC. MT.1029-2558 (On-site paging system (pocket unit))

NBTC. MT.1030-2559 (MF/HF land mobile)

NTC. MT. 2001-2550 (Optical systems)

NBTC. MT.2002-2555 (PLC equipment)

NBTC. MT.3001-2555 (EMC)

NTC. MT. 4001-2550 (Electrical safety)

NTC. MT. 5001-2550 (EMF safety)

NTC. MT. 6101-2551 (TDM interconnection)

NTC. MT. 6201-2550 (NGN interconnection)

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