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Wireless / Internet of Things

Wireless / Internet of Things - Global Testing

Radio type approval with our global market access services

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With TÜV Rheinland MAS Services you can launch your IoT product in over 180 countries

Obtain international compliance for your radio equipment

Much like a travel visa, our market access services allow our customers and their IoT products entry into markets around the globe. Most countries require type approval for the legal use of radio equipment and unapproved devices may face import and sales restrictions. Our experts for international approvals have extensive knowledge of regulatory requirements worldwide and can help you in expediting the process of accessing new export market.

Our market access services for international regulatory approvals for wireless products and radio equipment provide you:

  • Faster product launch
  • Assist in new market entry
  • Worldwide service network to enter any market
  • Clear, reliable and informative support for each project
  • Simplified and convenient application process
  • Globally recognized reports and certificates
  • Interdisciplinary work with product and certification experts
  • Full service from planning to market launch
  • Global recognition of TUV certification
  • Effective communication with no language barriers
  • Regulatory research and up-to-date requirements

Logos of radio type approvals: FCC, CE, ICC, ANATEL | TÜV Rheinland

We offer required certifications for your IoT products.

Global radio type approval for IoT products

Benefit from our radio type approvals and certifications

Our services are designed to provide fast, cost-efficient regulatory type approvals for your wireless products and radio equipment. Our global network of experts helps you understand diverse market conditions and meet technical standards.

Our comprehensive portfolio of services includes:

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