SNI Approval - Indonesian National Standard

Your Gateway to the Indonesian Marketplace

SNI or Indonesian National Standard is the only standard or directive nationally applicable in Indonesia. Based on the WTO code of good practice, the SNI standard was first drafted by the technical committee and then defined by BSN (National Standardization Agency of Indonesia). The standard is now a required reading for most manufacturers, companies and exporters around the world especially for those who want to export their products to Indonesian Market. A majority of products, including home appliances, steel products, automotive components which are intended to be distributed in Indonesia must be approved for their compliance against the SNI Standards, otherwise the products are unable to enter Indonesian Market. The main objectives of the application of SNI directives and approval are to ensure the quality of imported products, provide the competitiveness of Indonesian products and to ensure that the consumers are protected.

PT TUV Rheinland Indonesia is a Product Certification Body (LSPro of “Lembaga Sertifikasi Produk”) which has been accredited by the National Accreditation Body of Indonesia (KAN). We provide a valuable service along with our long track of experience in Indonesia and with our qualified experts and engineers as our administration, management and technical supporters. In addition, we will also provide comprehensive support to help your company achieve SNI approval in order to ensure the quality and safety of your products, thus ensuring their capability and eligibility to enter Indonesian market.

Benefits at a Glance

TÜV Rheinland, your reliable partner for the certification of compulsory SNI compliance to your products, our valuable service enables your company to:

  • Gain a passport to access the Indonesian market with your products
  • Get access to original equipment manufacturers (OEM)

Three Steps to Certification

Step 1: Application

Company or applicant applies to PT TUV Rheinland Indonesia with necessary supporting document of application form, order confirmation and questionnaire, copies of

  • Legal notary act of company (applicant)
  • Trade mark registration or certificate issued by Directorate General of Intellectual Property in Indonesia
  • Valid ISO 9001 certificate or equivalent
  • Quality manual & QC Flowchart

PT TUV Rheinland Indonesia performs the adequacy review of the application prior to next step of evaluation.

Step 2: Evaluation

Initial on-site quality system audit or factory inspection by PT TUV Rheinland Indonesia at your premises. In this phase, authorized personnel takes samples for the test purpose in our laboratory or partner laboratories. Random samples of products the tested, are taken from the manufacturing or factory and market for surveillance audit.

Technical review team review the report of the technical reports including the onsite factory audit report, laboratory test report and other technical and supporting documentations prior to next step of decision.

Step 3: Decision

Once your company proves the products and manufactures comply with requirement of the respective SNI standard and certification procedure, LSPro TUV Rheinland Indonesia issue the certificate or SPPT SNI (Sertifikat Produk Penggunaan Tanda Standar Nasional Indonesia)

Products Tested for SNI Compliance

PT TUV Rheinland Indonesia certifies the following products for compliance with the SNI standard:

  • Tires (passenger cars, light trucks, trucks, and buses)
  • Windscreens (laminated and tempered for vehicles and buildings) and float glass
  • Steel (black pipe, galvanized pipe, coated metal sheet (zinc coated))
  • Electrical components (sockets, plugs, and cables), Self-ballasted lamp, Ballast for lamp
  • Home appliances (electric irons, fans, refrigerators, washing machines)
  • Food (wheat flour)
  • Chemical (urea and NPK fertilizers)