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Virtual Assessment, Inspection & Audits

Virtual assessment of industrial facility

Virtual assessment, inspections and audits. Get the needed support at any time at any place.

What do you do if an involved party delays your supply chain progress? As the person is responsible for supply chain, you are dependent on your suppliers, and if the schedule cannot be met, you will quickly find yourself in an unfavorable situation - at worst threatening the profitability of your project. With our virtual assessment, we offer you a flexible and effective solution to ensure the smooth functioning of your supply chain and support you in time-critical situations.

Without time-consuming preparations and using standard mobile IT equipment such as laptops, tablets or even smartphones, we can virtually inspect your site, check documents immediately and evaluate laboratory tests with the help of our "TÜV Rheinland Virtual Expert" application. This means that we can support you with virtual inspection services at any time, regardless of your location.

Virtual inspections are digital real-time solutions for your industrial asset inspection and -evaluation.

Are you thinking about how virtual inspections work? The TÜV Rheinland Virtual Expert application can be installed on any mobile device such as a smartphone, tablet or data glasses (Smart Glasses). With our application, we bring our expert with you or another contact person on site together. The remote inspection can begin and other participants, such as additional experts, clients, other partners, can also participate as guests. You can thus benefit from the opportunity to exchange opinions through video, audio, chat and augmented reality functions, all that with the highest data security standards.

Procedure of virtual assessment

  • Software installation
    • Installation of the TÜV Rheinland Virtual Expert application.
    • The application can be downloaded in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Appointment
    • Confirmation of the appointment including invitation link.
    • Participation in the virtual assessment via the link.
  • Start Virtual Assessment
    • At the agreed time, our inspector will start the virtual meeting.
    • Guests, e.g. other technical experts, can optionally participate.
  • Virtual inspection of the industrial asset
    • Together with your contact person on site, the requested service takes place.
    • Simple interaction of both parties.
  • Data Analysis
    • Evaluation of all data.
    • Documentation of the results in an inspection report.
  • Report
    • Sending the inspection report and video recording if required

Performing audits, inspection and tests by the virtual solution of TÜV Rheinland.
Download the recording of our Online Seminar.

With our virtual assessment, we offer you a flexible and effective solution to ensure the smooth functioning of your supply chain and support you in time-critical situations. Nevertheless, these are not the only advantages. In a one-hour online seminar, we show you the trends of the future and the advantages of remote inspection, and we present TÜV Rheinland virtual solution app.

Download now our recorded online seminar “TÜV Rheinland - Virtual Solution” to watch it at any time you want.

Consistent service quality for remote inspections.

As a leading provider of inspection and assessment services, with more than 140 years of technological experience, we are have made our expertise available virtual. In the case of remote inspections, our experts also carry out all tests and monitoring in accordance with the applicable guidelines and with the same care and quality.

Benefit from the advantages of our virtual inspections. Mastering the complexity of industrial supply chains . Right on time.


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When can an inspection be carried out remotely?

Usally a large number of our inspection services can be carried out remotely as complete or partial inspections. Our virtual inspections are particularly suitable for the periodical inspections, pre-shipment inspections, document check, data and laboratory tests.

But there are also inspection services that require an inspector on site, such as functional, non-destructive and destructive testing. These tests require sensitive measurements with a high degree of accuracy, which we cannot guarantee remotely.

The extent to which regulated inspections and assessments can be conducted virtually must be decided on a case-by-case basis. Contact us and we will go through your individual requirements together.

Which IT devices/hardware are necessary for a virtual assessment?

Virtual assessments can be carried out with any “smart” mobile IT equipment, such as smartphones, laptops, tablets or data glasses (virtual glasses). It is required that the equipment has a camera, possibility to connect to internet and that our application "TÜV Rheinland Virtual Expert" is installed on the device. Our application is compatible with any operating system and is available for download in the Apple App Store as well as in Google Play Store. In addition, your company should have a stable Internet connection.

How is data protection considered during virtual inspection?

Issues such as data protection and security as well as the granting of access rights are of enormous importance in today's world. Therefore, we apply and take into account the highest data security standards in our company.

If you prefere to check your company network for security in advance, we are happy to support you with our Secure Remote Access Service. Ask us for more information.

What are the advantages of an virtual assessment?

The usage of remote services offers a multitude of opportunities, especially in an economic environment where time, globalization and sustainability play a big role:

  • Smooth inspection with less disruption in the supply chain
  • Ability to witness inspection audit or laboratory testing live
  • Acceleration of the reaction time and less waiting time
  • Storage flexibility during planning and implementation (24/7)
  • Quality improvement through video conversation and real-time observation
  • Make faster decisions in real time
  • Increased transparency for all parties
  • Reliable and environment-friendly solution by reducing the need for travel
  • Usable worldwide

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