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Sustainable Infrastructure – How to Protect Your Investment Over the Long Term

Most of us probably think of unspoiled natural surroundings when we talk about a sustainable environment. In reality, however, most of our environment is man-made: buildings, traffic routes, industrial plants, supply networks, information technology. Virtually every aspect of this infrastructure is relevant to climate and/or safety – and is therefore facing ever-increasing challenges.

Making our infrastructure future-proof requires much more extensive action than previously – and an all-round, integrated approach. This begins with a building's construction biology and extends to emissions from plants and protecting against cybercriminal threats.

As acknowledged experts in testing and certifying all aspects of infrastructure, we support you on your path to a sustainable future. What we safeguard together today will provide a secure basis for tomorrow's way of life, housing and work.

Our Focus topics

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Green buildings and healthy materials

How do you make a building "green"? Currently, countless regulatory requirements support and require the construction or reconstruction of climate-neutral real estate. Often associated with this are attractive tax incentives in addition to the energy savings achieved. We help you to exploit such potentials in sustainable construction.

We therefore examine and evaluate a wide range of aspects for you. These include:

  • CO2 emissions </= 0
  • Use of renewable or non-fossil energies
  • Energy-efficient surfaces (facades, windows, roofs, etc.)
  • Energy-efficient building technology (elevators, air conditioning, etc.)
  • Energy-efficient equipment and corresponding user behavior
  • Low-emission, efficient use of materials and their reusability

According to BNP Market Focus 2020 , €1 in every €3 invested is already going into sustainable office buildings. We support you on this path to a secure future with extensive testing and certification services.

Environmental protection and carbon footprint

The impact of company activities on the climate and environment has long been a key performance indicator alongside sales and profitability figures. Shareholders and stakeholders want to know whether your company is operating sustainably and is well positioned for the future. Our sustainability experts help you record and evaluate all relevant environmental variables, from carbon and water footprints to managing waste, energy, air quality and more. This gives you up-to-date and reliable figures – with the seal of the world renowned TÜV Rheinland as your partner.

Reducing health and safety risks

As a manufacturer or user of technical equipment and systems, you have to comply with a multitude of safety-related requirements. And the requirements are increasing. The future will have higher standards of safety than ever before – and new ways of thinking and acting. With us at your side, you can identify tomorrow's potential risks today and be able to deal with them effectively.

New and revised functional safety standards require you to constantly review and reassess risks. We support you on the path to a safe future by providing effective, compatible and all-round solutions.

Protecting IT infrastructure

In the near future, digital controllers will be used in every kind of public and industrial infrastructure. However, no matter how efficiently Industry 4.0 technologies operate, they inevitably become targets for cyberattacks. So the key questions for sustainable digital infrastructures are: How do I effectively secure their functions? Where do I get the resources I need to do this? And what global standards do I need to comply with?

We use our proven expertise in the field of cybersecurity to help you answer these questions. We support you on the path to making cybersecurity an integral part of your processes, so that production, infrastructure and the people who use them will continue to benefit from maximum security in the future.

Our sustainable Services

Our comprehensive services for sustainable management help to prepare your company for the future. We get you ready for the next stages of a successful journey. To help you find the right services, please select the programs and focus areas that are relevant to your business.

Do you have questions regarding our Sustainability Services?

Do you have questions regarding our Sustainability Services?

Sustainable Energy

Sustainable Energy

Generating, storing and distributing energy in a sustainable way: This is how we support this key future task for the economy and society at large.

Sustainable Mobility

Sustainable Mobility

Mobility fosters individual freedom and enables global supply chains. We work on future-proof mobility on multiple levels.

Sustainable Consumption

Sustainable Consumption

It is becoming increasingly important to consume more responsibly. We support you in the transition to sustainable materials, products, packaging and cycles.

Sustainable Business Practices

Sustainable Business Practices

So that your company embarks on a secure future: Learn more about ESG certification, sustainable supply chains and valid reporting.

Sustainable Work Excellence

Sustainable Work Excellence

How will we work in the future? Protecting health remains a cornerstone – at the same time, we promote awareness and skills for the upcoming transformation.