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A priority for consumers: Transparency and food Safety are what matter most! | TÜV Rheinland

Food Safety Certification for Hospitality, Retail, Catering & Services

A priority for consumers: Transparency and food safety are what matter most!

Consumers have never been as critical and demanding in choosing food as they are today. Food source, animal welfare, environmental concerns, social standards, and much more are now central to purchase decisions. In a survey of 1,500 US citizens, 94 percent said that they want producers, retailers, restaurants, and caterers to provide clear information on these aspects. At the same time, disposable income is rising in many countries around the world and many consumers are willing to pay more for greater transparency.

But to demonstrate high standards of food safety, businesses require recognized certification from a neutral party. As one of the world's leading auditing and certification organizations, we are therefore able to assist you in this area. This makes us the ideal partner for verifying your performance against international standards.

Benefit from our more than two decades of experience in the food industry and from our topnotch/exceptional experts who know your market, your products and the needs and requirements of your sector.

Use this potential; reinforce customer trust in your services and gain trust and recognition.

Transparency, trust, and food safety are key arguments in food purchase decisions

Opportunities have emerged from changes in the way consumers think. When buying food, consumers increasingly prioritize health, wellness, safety, ethics, and transparency in addition to the traditional factors of price, taste, and convenience.

Benefit from our more than two decades of experience in the food sector and from topnotch experts who know your sector. We are fully familiar with the food pathway "from farm to fork" and know which certifications are relevant to you.

Certifications are not just a privilege of global players. Food safety is applicable and a must have to all companies. Independently of your company size, we will be happy explain how to apply for food safety certification.

Our certification services …

  • minimize your company’s product and/or services risks
  • establish trust and transparency for all the stakeholders including authorities
  • give you a competitive advantage and a license to operate
  • identify opportunities to increase profitability and protect your bottom line
  • protect your brand and reputation
  • make your company ready for the future (future proof)
  • create consumer loyalty

Persuading customers through trust, transparency, and responsibility

As wholesalers, retailers, traders, restaurants, caterers or hotels, you are the "final link" in the food industry’s extended and complex supply network and therefore particularly in the focus of consumers. This means you have a correspondingly high level of responsibility. Take the opportunity to maximize transparency and to demonstrate to customers that you stand for trust, transparency and responsibility. We are a partner who knows every relevant standard worldwide and can certify your business professionally and efficiently. Your relations to customers will then be secure for the long term.

A single source for all required certifications

Based on our traditional German roots, we have established a worldwide network of highly renowned experts. Furthermore, our professionals for food sector certifications are mostly in house and we aim with our large portfolio of certification to be one stop shop for all your required certifications.

We audit and certify your processes and your food safety management system.

The standards covered include:

We are your partner for efficient certification also in areas such as quality, environmental protection, IT security, occupational health and safety, energy management, and more.

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