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Being more safe and sustainable. Systematically. With certification solutions for your food sector!

Food Safety Certification for the Primary Production

Safe and sustainable food production

Milk and cereals, fruit and vegetables, and fish and meat are the mainstays of what we eat and are founded on efficient agricultural businesses producing high-quality and safe food. Your customers value this. At the same time industry, trade, and consumers are placing ever higher demands on how food is produced. Customers want verifiable proof of food safety and quality, environmental sustainability, animal welfare, and social standards. Only those who provide such proof will be able to sustain their business model over the long term.

But certifying the processes and products of agricultural enterprises is difficult due to their varied and complex production methods. As one of the world's leading auditing and certification organizations, we can support you in this area. We help you to document your services according to international standards of quality.

Increasing the trust in your products and protecting yourself against risk

Benefit from our more than two decades of experience in the food sector and from top experts who know your industry. We are fully familiar with the entire "farm to fork” supply chain.

Our certification services

  • minimize risk in connection with food production
  • establish trust and transparency for all the stakeholders including authorities
  • give you a competitive advantage and a better and easier access to market
  • identify opportunities to increase profitability by optimizing your production processes
  • provide greater consistency in quality
  • reinforce your production’s sustainability and respect for the usage of natural resources
  • make your company future proof

Certification demonstrates transparency, responsibility, and fosters trust

As a producer – whether as a direct seller or industrial supplier – you are at the start of a long supply chain and that brings with it a lot of responsibility. Take the opportunity to maximize transparency and to demonstrate that you stand for the production of safe and sustainable food.

You can do this using internationally recognized certification standards. We are a partner who knows every relevant standard worldwide and can certify your business professionally and efficiently. Your relations to customers will then be secure for the long term.

A single source for all required certifications

Based on our traditional German roots, we have established a worldwide network of highly renowned experts. Furthermore, our professionals for food sector certifications are mostly in house and we aim with our large portfolio of certification to be one stop shop for all your required certifications.

We audit and certify your food production processes so that you can establish safety, trust and transparency along the supply chain.

The standards covered include:

  • ISO 22000
  • Global GAP
  • And the new QM milk standard, in force since the beginning of 2020.

We are your partner for efficient certification also in areas such as quality, environmental protection, IT security, occupational health and safety, energy management, and more.

Get the most important information in our 5 Minute Guide

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