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Job Responsibilities:

   1. Perform EMC tests according to auto EMC standard and test plan. 根据汽车电子 EMC 测试标准和测试计划执行相关测试

    2. Manage and control test projects, ensure to finish the projects within leadtime with good quality. 管理和控制项目测试进度,根据测试计划在要求时间内高质量完成产品的测试,保证客户满意度

3. Provide essential support to client about test result, method, standard and other technical query.


4. Operate and maintain lab tools and equipments. 操作并维护实验室仪器设备

Job Requirements:

1. College degree or above, Electrical/Electronic/Mesurement and control education background, fresh graduates are welcome. 大专及以上学历,电子类、电气工程、测控类等相关专业,具备电路和测量方面的基本知识,可接受应届毕业生

2. Familiar with test tools and equipment, auto EMC lab experience will be a advantage. 能够操作使用功率器、示波器、交直流电源等设备,具有汽车电子 EMC 测试经验者优先

3. Integrity, Customer Oriented, sense of responsibility, willingness to learn and good team spirit.


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No. 199 Kezhu Road Guangzhou Science City Luogang District
510670 Guangzhou


As an international services group, we want to create a working environment in which all our employees feel secure and comfortable - an environment in which they enjoy giving their best with commitment. The key to this lies in an open, respectful cooperation across all countries, cultures and lifestyles. After all, around 20,000 employees at 500 locations around the globe provide more than 2,500 services. The results of their work can be seen everywhere: in tested elevators or rides, on certified toys or technical equipment, in our consultations or training sessions. No matter where - our international teams have been setting standards in terms of safety, quality and efficiency for many years.

We value diversity - and take on responsibility

Our specialists appreciate this versatile portfolio, the exciting tasks and the value of their work for people, the environment and technology. And we value our specialists for their know-how and commitment, but also for their different personalities and careers. Combined with the professionalism and sense of responsibility of each individual, we create a culture of openness, growth and collegiality. We want to further strengthen this culture and consistently promote respect in our dealings with one another. Not only do we say that, we live that. We have committed ourselves to acting in accordance with the principles of the UN Global Compact initiative, to fighting corruption and to working for human rights, labour standards and environmental protection in our daily work. We are active in numerous networks and projects that stand for diversity and equality. In addition, we have developed a broad range of products and services that help to reconcile the professional and private worlds so that our employees can work in a healthy, motivated and optimal environment.