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Our values and our culture.

We are independent, competent and integer, we work in an appreciative and result-oriented manner, we think entrepreneurially, we are willing to change and we are innovative.

We are an independent testing service provider that takes responsibility for safety worldwide and has great confidence in its people.

Integrity and excellence, customer orientation, performance orientation and agility characterize us and our work. For us, integrity means that we are incorruptible and act fairly, transparently and trustingly. Excellence means that we only want to be satisfied with high-quality work. It also means precision and accuracy in our daily work. Agility means for us that we are flexible, fast and willing to change.

We take responsibility for our work and our actions. This is why we as a company signed the ten principles of the UN Global Compact - a voluntary economic initiative of the United Nations for sustainable action - in 2006. By taking this strategic step, we have committed ourselves to upholding human rights, labor rights and environmental protection and to taking action against corruption. We assume responsibility for environmental protection, for our services and work, for society and also for our employees.

A look behind the scenes: Occupational Doctors at TÜV Rheinland

A look behind the scenes: Driving licence examiner

A look behind the scenes: Toy inspector

Our employees - as diverse as our services.


Local Business Unit Manager for Electrical Engineering, Industrial Service, Berlin/Potsdam

At TÜV Rheinland, everything was just right: It is an international brand that has successfully positioned itself in competition. I was also interested in the development opportunities and the continuing education opportunities. In my field of work in Industrial Service, I have the opportunity to bring a sub-area measurably forward. And this in a collegial, respectful team that also openly addresses conflicts. In addition, my supervisor places great trust in me and gives me a lot of freedom.


Graduate Psychologist, Department of Occupational, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

What makes my work as an ABO psychologist so exciting is the variety of topics and tasks. Usually I am called into a production plant or an authority because of a concrete problem. With my experience and expertise, I try to get to the bottom of the causes and develop solutions. This can be a conflict consultation, an industrial psychological consultation or a coaching. But I am also involved in questions of organizational development and change management. In a team with doctors, engineers and health experts, we are in an excellent and professional position in our Rostock branch and can really make a difference. For me, therefore, switching to TÜV Rheinland was exactly the right decision.


Specialist in Occupational Medicine and Coordinating Company Doctor, Nuremberg and Munich

To me, working at TÜV Rheinland means taking on responsibility in a family environment that is both inspiring and rewarding. Thanks to the company's high profile, I have access to a diverse and varied group of customers. Both as an expert in occupational safety and in my work as coordinating company doctor, I have a great deal of creative freedom. Especially for my work-life balance it is very important that there is neither shift work or weekend work. In addition, everyone can be the way they are. I like the relaxed, calm atmosphere and the appreciative way we treat each other.


Business Unit Manager, Industrial Service, Elevators, conveyor and machine technology, Mönchengladbach

Many people think that everything at TÜV Rheinland is about technology. I have made the experience that the focus is really on people here. And that's very important to me as an engineer. We work with people and for them and are able to organise our daily work independently. As business unit manager, I also have the opportunity to prepare young engineers for the ambitious task of becoming experts. At the same time give them insights into the exciting business world of our customers.


Social Pedagogue and Account Manager for labour market services, TÜV Rheinland Akademie, Frankfurt/Oder

Whether in the qualification of adults or in the initial training and vocational preparation of young people: The range of tasks of a social pedagogue at TÜV Rheinland is wide. At the moment am a training course leader in the apprenticeship of messenger and courier drivers - an interesting and at the same time demanding challenge. This is why it is so important to me that we meet in a team with a lot of respect and esteem.


Team Leader Health Management, Academy and Life Care, Essen

As team leader for operational integration management, I look after 16 employees. Promoting them and at the same time ensuring the high quality of advice for which TÜV Rheinland stands - this is a very exciting task. Because I also advise operationally myself, I still have a close relationship to the practice. Which I really appreciate: Each colleague and each superior is always available for questions and problems.

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