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Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management | TUV Rheinland

Identity and Access Management

Modular Best Practice Solution for Establishing an Integrated IAM Solution for SME

Today, organizations use a complex system of IT solutions that combine traditional on-premise solutions, clouds or hybrid models. The growing number of users is rapidly increasing the volume of data. Employees need access to these data, but so do partners and customers. The automated withdrawal of IT authorizations must be given special consideration, for example when an employee leaves the company. In addition, regulatory requirements such as TISAX, ISO 27001, SOX and SAS70 are increasingly being tightened in the direction of audit-proof management of identities and access rights.

To ensure compliance with regard to data protection, identity and access management must be traceable, detailed and efficient.

We support you in implementing the optimal solution for your Identity and Access Management (IAM). Through our modular best practices in connection with OpenIAM, we cover all IAM aspects and simplify the management of roles and identities while increasing the productivity of your employees.

Trust our many years of experience in cybersecurity and IT. Our proven, innovative solutions are used worldwide.

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Establish Efficient IAM Solutions with a Modular Best Practice Approach

Modular Best Practice Approach IAM Solutions | TUV Rheinland

Manage access securely

Automate your access and identity management and improve your IT security with a comprehensive software solution. You will benefit from extensive savings of resources, as there will be less error-prone manual activities, and because processes are standardized. At the same time, the system still offers ample flexibility to adapt to your goals and to the interfaces you use. Furthermore, the ease of use and the self-service portal with its many features sustainably increase the productivity of your employees.

Modular structure

The best practice modules are structured in such a way that a base module (Automation of the User Life Cycle) is required as a foundation. Based on this base module, our customers can acquire additional modules as needed (e.g., Ordering / Self Service, Recertification or Web Access Management). The modular approach gives our customers the opportunity to upgrade the established solution in economical smaller steps, phase by phase and module by module.

Use of standards

To configure your individual IAM solution, the complex functions of an Identity Access Management / Identity Access Governance solution are divided into small, self-contained and therefore cost-effective modules. Customization and content of the modules are based on best practices of TUV Rheinland i-sec GmbH. As standards, in addition to the required pre-configurations they also contain organizational documentation such as interface agreements or process descriptions. They contain the processes for hiring, transferring or delimiting employees.

Shortened Selection Process

There is a clear definition of the qualitative and quantitative content for the modules, which can be supplemented according to customer needs. We begin by conducting a one-day workshop and together with the client determine which best practice modules are required and how they should be tailored.

A Software for an Integrated Identity and Access Management

IAM solution at a glance | TUV Rheinland
IAM software at a glance

Automated Provisioning and User Identity Lifecycle Management

During operation, employees must be ensured to have the required authorizations within all systems at all times. But it is equally important to be able to revoke access when needed. An automated solution provides effective and tamper-proof support for managing access rights in the event of hirings, resignations, promotions or changes in project management.

Access Request

Via a user-friendly self-service approach, employees can access the service catalog and easily request authorizations, which are then approved automatically through predefined processes. Every step is logged, so organizations can track how and when access was granted.

Periodic Review and Access Certification

Thanks to the included access review and certification campaigns, organizations can ensure that users have appropriate access rights and that incorrect authorizations are corrected on a regular basis. The Access Certification solution provides an easy way to define the review workflow, so progress can be monitored and deadlines can be met.

Role Management

Role Based Access Control (RBAC) allows technical and business roles to be defined. The role model is used in conjunction with automated provisioning to ensure that the correct level of access is granted in a consistent manner.

Access Manager

The integrated Access Manager of our software provides a scalable, secure and consistent solution for accessing applications in all environments using the following tools:

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Adaptive Authentication

The IAM solution provides a range of OTB authentication options:

  • Password-based authentication
  • Certificate-based authentication
  • MFA-SMS/Email/Mobile App-based OTP

Adaptive Authentication builds on these options and provides a robust framework in which users can create extensive authentication workflows via a browser-based drag-and-drop interface. The workflows can also take into account a wide range of risk factors – including the device, context, user selection, geolocation, profile attributes or user behavior. This way, organizations can implement a solution that combines a very high level of security and usability.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

We adapt to your situation and offer you both, the connection to third-party providers of multi-factor authentications, and also our own MFA solution, which is already integrated and ready to use. You can use the following MFA solutions:

  • SMS-based One Time Pad (OTP, one-time encryption)
  • Email-based OTP
  • Mobile app (iOS or Android) OTP including support for push notifications.

Social Sign-on

Access Manager enables social sign-on from social identity providers such as Google, Facebook and LinkedIn. Social sign-on significantly reduces the registration effort as selected attributes can be dynamically transferred from the social media provider.

Flexible Authorization

An IAM solution provides a flexible RBAC-based authorization model to ensure security within your applications. The RBAC model, where access is granted through both legacy and direct authorization, gives users the necessary flexibility to respond to real-world challenges. The authorization service can be used in conjunction with oAuth2 and Access Gateway to enforce the authorization rules.

Access Gateway

Access Gateway is a native plugin for Apache and Nginx web servers that provides the following features:

  • SSO to legacy applications
  • Session management
  • Protection of APIs and application URLs by enforcing authentication and authorization rules

We Are Your Trusted Partner

Trust the expertise of our experts and the reliable software solution by our partner OpenIAM when implementing your Identity and Access Management. Through years of experience in the implementation of cybersecurity projects and the application of proven standards, we have developed a modular best practice solution for you. This allows us to implement your customized IAM solution in a timely manner. We assist you from planning to implementation to the support during ongoing operation.

Would you like to benefit from an efficient access and identity management? Request your customized quotation!

FAQ: Answers to Your Questions about TUV Rheinland’s IAM Solution

Are you interested in our modular best practice solution for Identity and Access Management, but still have questions? Our experts have summarized the answers to frequently asked questions for you. Don't hesitate to contact us if your question has not been answered.

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What is the added value of working with TUV Rheinland?

Thanks to our experience in Identity Access Management / Identity Access Governance and our unique modular best practice solution approach, we offer:

  • Standardized modular functional modules (best practices)
  • Short project runtimes for each best practice module
  • Low license costs
  • Standardized processes for the user life cycle
  • Fast project implementation by our experts
  • Operational support if needed
  • Rollout according to best practice
  • A base role model
  • Partnership TUV Rheinland / OpenIAM

Why is the project time with TUV Rheinland shorter?

With our best practice modules, which are based on many years of project experience, we offer you predefined identity access management processes and procedures as well as a corresponding and preconfigured IAM tool.

Does TUV Rheinland offer individual customizations?

We recommend staying as close as possible to the predefined standard of our best practices in order to keep both project time and costs low. The modular approach results in a kit of building blocks from which the required modules can be assembled as desired. In addition, we can always adapt the modules to individual customer needs. We will be happy to meet with you in person to tell you more about your options.

What installation options do we offer?

We offer you the option of installing the system on-premise, in the cloud or on a virtual machine. This can be a Docker or RPM installation. It works with different operating systems.

Which connectors does the TUV Rheinland IAM solution support?

As a standard, the software offers the following connectors, among others:

  • AD
  • CSV
  • SAP HR
  • Workday
  • Azure AD
  • Exchange
  • LDAP
  • Salesforce

Click here for a complete list.

Who is the software suitable for?

In partnership with OpenIAM, we have developed an integrated approach to access and identity management that covers all aspects of cybersecurity. With our predefined best practices modules, the solution is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises, government agencies and hospitals.

The best practices modules are defined by subject in such a way that they can be implemented with low effort and in a short time (10 to 30 working days per module). Each module provides a self-contained functional area and also includes the necessary documentation (e. g. process descriptions, interface agreements, etc.).

Already with the setup of the first module, this solution is ready for use. Further expansion can be implemented to the extent and at the pace required by the individual customer. The combination of different best practices modules results in a customer-specific IAM solution.

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