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Identity Access Governance Consulting

Identity Access Governance Consulting | TUV Rheinland

The New Digital Environment Requires Future-Proof IAG Solutions

The implementation of new services, remote working and the hybrid of on-premise solutions and cloud services provide a more efficient way of working in the digital environment. Connecting the IT world with the Internet of Things (IoT) and industrial operational technology (OT) has been rapidly increasing the number of access points that need to be managed. This creates new challenges and risks, as an incorrect or carelessly implemented access management can be a threat to your company's cybersecurity.

With our Identity Access Governance (IAG) Consulting, we support you in the secure management of roles, accesses and identities. In addition to a comprehensive analysis of your status quo, we provide you with expert advice on potential approaches and solutions for an effective, flexible IAG.

You can trust in our many years of experience in the field of cybersecurity. Thanks to our expertise and our integrated approach, we support you with great competence and with an optimal return on investment.

Integrated Approach for a Successful User Management

Your organization operates across a sophisticated and unique network of people and IT systems, resulting in cybersecurity requirements that are specific to your particular needs. Future-proof IAG solutions must therefore be designed to flexibly address new and evolving security requirements and threats.

Implement a sustainable, flexible solution for access management and identity management for your organization. With our detailed analysis of your current state and the combination of examining the risks and your protection needs, we create a customized solution tailored to your needs where we assist you with the development of a long-term identity access governance strategy or even partial Best of Breed solutions. From planning to implementation – we will be at your side as your competent, trusted partner.

Customized Integrated IAG Solutions

Identity Access Governance Consulting | TUV Rheinland
Individual modules of our IAG consulting

Each of our tried and trusted consulting steps is tailored to your needs to help you achieve an optimal, customized result. For this purpose, our experts utilize a modular structure that breaks down the entire project into single steps. In general, these individual steps can be implemented independent of each other, but they can also be combined.

Specifically, we look in detail at:

  • People and devices
  • Networks
  • Operational Technology (OT)
  • Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
  • (Private) clouds and cloud apps or on-premise-solutions
  • DevOps
  • Collaborations
  • Communication channels

Four Levels of IAG Consulting

Identity Access Governance Consulting | TUV Rheinland
Levels of our IAG Consulting

We provide support for both a holistic realignment of the system and for the adaptation of individual aspects. Our consulting services are divided into four levels with varying degrees of detail, covering strategic consulting (IAG) as well as short-term recommendations for action (Identity Management (IdM) and Access Management (AM)). In addition, there are Operational Technologies (OT) and Information Technologies (IT), which are the true components of the system.

Our Access Governance Consulting Procedure

Our IAG consulting consists of modular solutions that we develop together with you in different phases. Learn more about the different phases in our detailed graphic .

We Offer you Experienced and Competent Advice

Trust our expertise when developing your Identity Access Governance solution. With our many years of experience in cybersecurity and IT, our experts can develop and implement your access governance strategy in a timely and efficient manner. Thanks to our global network, we are always close to you, ensuring short communication paths and international know-how.

You want to implement a resilient IAG strategy? Request your customized quotation!

FAQ: Answers to Your Questions about TUV Rheinland’s IAG Solution

Are you interested in Identity Access Governance, but still have questions? Our experts have summarized the answers to frequently asked questions for you. Don't hesitate to contact us if your question has not been answered.

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What is Identity Access Governance?

Identity Access Governance (IAG) refers to processes that enable organizations to monitor and to ensure that identities and security rights are managed correctly, effectively and securely. IAG includes all related business, technical, legal and regulatory issues.

What topics does the consulting address?

We comprehensively address the following topics:

  • Identity and Access Governance
  • Identity Management
  • Access Management
  • Privileged Access Management

We approach the development of strategies and solutions while taking into account applicable security requirements, user convenience and cost-effectiveness.

What is included in the consulting service?

We use tried and tested best practices and standards to support you in establishing up-to-date and future-proof IAG strategies and solutions. For an efficient customized approach, we draw on proven methods such as risk analysis, protection needs analysis and data protection analysis as well as the consideration of cloud approaches.

After completing a comprehensive analysis, together with you, we develop and establish new standards or optimize existing solutions (Best of Breed), helping you align your digital infrastructure for the needs of the future while complying with regulatory requirements.

What is our procedure?

Our service is structured according to an integrated approach that follows the applicable compliance requirements. Our solutions are available as individual modules and are roughly divided into three phases:

  • Analysis
  • Planning
  • Implementation

In our approach, we follow the fundamental principles of Identity Access Governance. To promote resilience and make your IAG solution as future-proof as possible, we work in an interdisciplinary manner. We integrate the results from risk analysis, protection needs analysis and data protection analysis (GRC, GDPR) or use cloud models.

What are the principles of IAG?

Access Governance is comprised of three principles:

Principle of Least Privilege (PoLP)

The Principle of Least Privilege is an information security concept where user access rights are restricted to a minimum. Users can access only those applications and resources that are essential to their work.

Principle of Need to Know (PoNtK)

Even if a person generally has access to data or information at this security level, the Need-to-Know principle prohibits access if the information is not directly needed by that person to perform a specific task. For governance, a distinction is made between the Discretionary Access Control model and the Mandatory Access Control model.

Principle of Segregation of Duties (PoSoD)

The Segregation-of-Duties principle describes the separation of functions in the area of user authorization management. Different technical duties are assigned to different roles.

What is the difference between authentication, authentication validation and authorization?

Authentication is the verification of a person’s identity. This can be done using passwords, tokens, biometrics (e.g., fingerprint) or similar methods.

Authentication validation is the validation of the asserted authentication. It is performed by an access manager.

If the authentication validation of a person was successful, it will be determined whether the person is allowed to receive the requested information. Authorization is given by Access Management, oAuth2, or by the application itself.

What is the difference between IAM, IdM, and AM?

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is the technology component of IAG for managing user identities and their access privileges for various systems and platforms.

Identity Management (IdM) maps the processes within an organization that relate to the management and maintenance of digital identities within the network, including the authorization management for applications, data and systems.

Access Management (AM) is the process of identifying, tracking, controlling, and managing the access of authorized or specified users to a system, application, or IT instance. It is a broad concept that includes all policies, processes, methods, and tools for maintaining access privileges within an IT environment.

Typically, AM is used in conjunction with IdM. Identity Management creates, deploys and controls various users, roles, groups and policies, while AM ensures that these roles and policies are being implemented and followed.

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