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Lighting Technology

Lighting Technology

Market Alignment with Recognized Quality Seals

Whether you manufacture lighting products for use in residential or industrial environments, we can run the right usability and safety test. Our experts handle the entire range of tests and inspections for compliance with guidelines such as the EU's Low Voltage and EMC Directives. Improve your sales opportunities by choosing the ENEC test mark and the GS mark.

Benefits at Glance

Testing and certification by TÜV Rheinland enables you to:

  • Gain a lead over competitors, thanks to an independent test mark
  • Lower your risk of liability through documented safety standards
  • Take advantage of our fast testing and years of experience
  • Meet the requirements of equipment and product safety regulations
  • Communicate your high standards of quality

Test Marks and Test Programs

Testing takes from 4 to 6 weeks. After successfully completing the tests, you can receive the following marks:

GS Mark

This mark indicates that the product has been safety tested and that we have inspected your production facilities as an independent, authorized body.


ENEC mark number 24 is issued for electrical products, such as lamps. It certifies compliance with European standards. The ENEC certification is well known in 21 other European countries.

CB and CCA Schemes

By participating in the CCA scheme for the European market and th CB scheme for the global market, our customers receive national certifications from other countries more quickly and cost effectively.

CE Marking

Lighting products have to comply with the safety requirements of certain European directives. This is indicated by the mandatory CE mark. Our tests certify CE conformity. After the test, you will receive a test report and certificate.

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