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Warehousing, Logistics and Supply Chain Management Courses

Warehousing Training, Logistics Training and Supply Chain Management Training by TÜV Rheinland

Effective supply chain management through our training and certification

Good supply chain management (SCM) encompasses organized warehousing and efficient logistic planning strategies. Effective SCM allows you to handle increasingly complex processes to optimize productivity as well as minimize business and liability risks.

We provide novices, lateral recruits, specialists and executives comprehensive training to ensure the proficient professional oversight of your critical business operations.

We maintain a broad and well-balanced curriculum. All participants receive training appropriate to their current needs. Our recognized instructors share their experience and expertise in developing and maintaining smart warehousing, logistics and supply chain management policies.

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Learn how to increase productivity in our warehousing and logistics courses

Warehousing, logistics and SCM courses to optimize your supply chain management | TÜV Rheinland
Our professional training courses help you to optimize your supply chain management

Our certified personal qualification proves ones ability to handle complex supply chain processes by increasing productivity while minimizing corporate liability. We help you improve processes to make sure your warehouse is more effective and cost-efficient. The training provides you the skills to optimize inventory in order to reduce storage and capital charges. Successful certificate recipients are able to manage a warehouse considerate of both internal and external customers. Increase your productivity and efficiency with highly trained personnel to improve your quality standards and optimize your operational processes. In addition, you also benefit from an increasing confidence among customers and business partners as well as the corresponding image gain.

Our comprehensive and targeted approach

We present a comprehensive portfolio of training services in the fields of warehousing, logistics and supply chain management. Lateral newcomers as well as educated novices are welcomed to our recognized training formats. Our one to four day technical seminars and four to six days modular courses allow you to acquire basic knowledge or further your education in specific topics:

Educated novices and lateral transfers

  • Classify and apply basic concepts and methods
  • Analyze case studies and best practices for practical application
  • Implement practical knowledge and establish systematic logistics
  • Command an overview of essential logistic policies and procedures

Skilled workers and production, supply chain, purchasing and logistics managers

  • Master relationships between plant availability, inventory structure and low costs
  • Assure supply of spare parts at optimal price
  • Avoid standstills of production processes
  • Maintain high cost efficiency and transparency
  • Tailor supply strategies
  • Understand interaction between materials management, suppliers, and carriers
  • Include network partners according to your needs

Team leaders

  • Know how to professionally manage and optimize your warehouse
  • Increase warehouse efficiency
  • Improve work and warehousing cost-to-service processes
  • Optimize inventory to reduce storage and capital charges
  • Manage warehouse from internal and external customer perspectives
  • Provide and sustain goal-oriented team leadership

Get certified with our training courses Warehouse Manager (TÜV) or Spare Part Manager (TÜV).

Hands-on SCM training from a recognized global provider

In a mixture of theory and practice, our expert instructors share practice-relevant topics enriched with extensive industry experience. Particular attention is paid to the relevance of topics, trending innovation and the implementation of new legal regulations. In addition, we provide courses in cross-functional logistics and production, load securing, purchasing, operator authorizations and fleet management. All of our courses are available in an open seminar or in-house training format for your convenience. We are your trusted and recognized one-stop-shop training provider.

Contact us now to capitalize on our expertise supporting your effective and cost-efficient supply chain management!


Discuss your needs with a service representative today!

Discuss your needs with a service representative today!

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