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Furniture testing and certification

Furniture testing and certification | TÜV Rheinland

Recognizable high quality - make the quality of your furniture visible

A high-caliber design of both the interior and exterior features of your furniture products demonstrates your commitment to quality and safety for added value and customer confidence. The demand for electrified furniture and sustainable alternatives to the current range of products is on the rise. Customers rely on reputable test marks to help them choose the best product for their individual needs. Our experts test the quality and safety of your furniture components and products for certification confirmed by our globally recognized test marks.

We conduct comprehensive furniture testing in accordance with national and international standards as well as internal specifications. We certify quality and safe products with the GS mark for „Tested Safety“ and our test marks controlling harmful substances. Our expert testing and certifications help you to document the quality and safety of your furniture through an independent service provider to strengthen consumer trust in your brand.

Are you interested in our services within the scope of furniture testing?

Our quality and safety tests for furniture of all kinds

Our broad service portfolio ensures optimum support with regard to your unique requirements. We provide expert testing and certifications for furniture of all kinds – from office, contract and home furniture to laboratory and workshop furnishings.

Our comprehensive furniture testing includes services in the following areas:

  • Technical evaluation
    • Mechanical and / or electrical safety test
    • Quality inspection and usability
    • Ergonomic test
    • Material and surface testing
    • Climatic tests
    • Partial tests according to customer specifications
    • Production controls, pre-shipment controls
    • Review of artwork, assembly instructions, user manuals, and product information
    • In-house or on-premise training, technical discussions

  • Harmful substances testing
    • Pollutant testing, analysis, for example testing according to RAL-ZU 38, Blue Angel
    • Emission test

  • Sustainability assessments

Our Whitepaper „Electrified Furniture“

Our Whitepaper „Electrified Furniture“

Download now our whitepaper and gain from our know how. Receive compact knowledge to the relevant standards for electrified furniture.

Comprehensive testing and certification by an independent service provider puts you in the best position to document the high quality and safety of your furniture products. We provide you the expertise you need backed up by decades of practical experience and reliable services. Our globally recognized test marks boost customer confidence and strengthen your brand in competitive markets. Our experts participate in numerous standardization committees and interest groups to ensure our customers are informed of current and upcoming requirements and legislation to ensure optimum support in new product development.

Talk with our experts to learn how you can benefit from our comprehensive furniture testing!

Questions and answers about our furniture tests

Our experts have summarized the most important questions and answers regarding our furniture testing and certification in a short FAQ for you.

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Why should I as a manufacturer have my furniture tested for harmful substances?

Harmful substances causing unpleasant odors, pollutant emissions or environmental damage can adversely affect the well-being of your customers. Certifying your products with our test marks for harmful substances enables you to express your high quality standards, prove independent oversight, and provide your customers reliable help in their purchasing decision.

What pollutants are tested for?

Pollutant testing is performed according to the requirements for each product type. Our experts are well versed in the exact standards and prerequisites associated with every piece of furniture to ensure your product free of any impermissible pollutants.

Which test marks can I use to have my furniture certified as tested for harmful substances?

You can have your furniture certified with our "TÜV Rheinland Schadstoffgeprüft" (tested for harmful substances) and "LGA Schadstoffgeprüft" test marks to close the gap between the few legal requirements and high consumer expectations.

How can I have mattresses and polyurethane foams certified as tested for harmful substances?

Mattresses and polyurethane foams can also be certified with our "TÜV Rheinland Schadstoffgeprüft" (tested for harmful substances) test mark. Our emission testing measures harmful substances in flexible foams and the pollutant products evolving from them. The tests prove your product is certified at minimal emissions of carcinogenic, mutagenic and reproductive toxic substances as well as total volatile organic compounds (TVOC).

Can TÜV Rheinland certify the quality of furniture components, materials, fittings and accessories?

Yes. Our "LGA tested Quality" and "TÜV Bauart geprüft"(type approved) test marks are awarded pursuant to the quality of finished products and the parts, materials and components which are used. Pre-tested, certified furniture components are an important part of quality assurance and are helpful in providing evidence of compliance with higher quality and product safety requirements for the GS mark and our Q mark.

What are the advantages of testing and certifying my products for harmful substances?

By certifying your furniture with our test marks, you document that your products meet the high requirements for quality and product safety. Our testing services also help when selecting components to be used in your products. Harmful substance testing of mattresses and foams provides you and your customers an added sense of security.

What kinds of furniture can be tested and certified?

Our experts test and certify all types of upholstered and unupholstered furniture found in:

  • Office and commercial settings
  • Educational institutions
  • Children’s areas
  • Bedrooms- Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Homes
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Laboratories
  • Workshops

Learn more about furniture testing

pdf Brochure: furniture inspection 816 KB Download
pdf Leaflet: Frequently asked questions about furniture testing 2 MB Download
pdf Fyler: Ergonomics and usability 2 MB Download
pdf Sample report: furniture inspection 157 KB Download
mp4 Video: furniture inspection 53 MB Download

Children's furniture: Things to look out for | Safety in the children's room

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