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IoT privacy and IoT data security for consumer protection

Increasingly more products are being equipped to operate within the Internet of Things (IoT).

We provide comprehensive data security and privacy protection services for your IoT devices from a single source. As part of your consumer protection strategy, our experts help you test, evaluate and certify your products and services according to the highest possible standards anywhere in the world.

IoT Devices are a favorite gateway for hackers. Criminals hijack 33 smart washing machines, create a socalled "botnet" with them, and use it to attack a server.TÜV Rheinland tests how safe their devices are.

Challenges in IoT data security: regulatory guidelines

Due to uncertainty surrounding data security as well as personal privacy and external system manipulation, many consumers are still wary of welcoming smart devices into their homes. Regulatory guidelines and certifications are now in place to ensure consumers mandatory levels of security protection.

In the European Union, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU-DSGVO) now places stringent new demands on smart home systems. All manufacturers and supplemental providers offering their products or services in the EU must be in compliance with the EU-DSGVO regulation.

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Our test and certification solutions for IoT privacy and IoT data security

Our comprehensive IoT test and certification services evaluate the physical product as well as the support services (cloud service) related to individual devices. We test, evaluate and certify your IoT products and services according to global data security and privacy protection regulations.

Consumers increasingly rely on recognized certifications to guide them when making purchasing decisions. Our IoT certificates demonstrate your commitment to ensuring your products and services are compliant to the highest of regulatory standards worldwide.

We provide certification in the following categories:

  • Protected Privacy IoT Product
  • Protected Privacy IoT Service

In addition, we conduct regular IoT seminars featuring up-to-date and practical examples to help you better develop and manage your smart products and services.

Our extensive IT portfolio includes services designed to ensure your compliance with the current regulations on data security and privacy protection specific to your IoT product or service:

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