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IT security is not everything. But without IT security, IoT everything is nothing.

With the increased use of digital technologies, companies are not only expanding their scope for action, but also their targets for cyberattacks. Stop criminals in time who are targeting your data and intellectual property or want to interrupt or sabotage your service.

Risk Assessment

We support you with a systematic recording and evaluation of your risks. These metrics are the basis to minimize risk and have room to maneuver in case of emergency.

  • Our experts help you identify IT risks and potential threats to your company at an early stage.
  • Systematic risk management helps you recognize interrelationships and make well-founded, implementable and cost-efficient decisions.
  • Risk management contains tailor-made measures that take into account individual requirements for confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.

Data Protection Management

Protecting personal data is increasingly important in digital transformation and growing networks. We advise you how to protect your personal data. We support data protection officers in their tasks. We also help to implement low-cost company-wide data protection management systems.

Safety Analyses

Are you sure your IoT device or service is safe? We look at your device and your service with the eyes of a hacker. On your behalf, our experts examine how high the vulnerability to a cyber attack is and where there are weak points. In a penetration test, we relentlessly reveal how far an attacker can penetrate a connected IT infrastructure via the IoT device or service and to what extent it can damage its owners or entire organization. You, as the client, determine the vehemence of the simulated attack.

Network Connectivity

With a certificate from TÜV Rheinland, you can prove that your product can be easily integrated into the network using common communication protocols, such as Zigbee, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or others. Connectivity and compatibility with common communication protocols are among the greatest technical challenges to plan and implement IoT projects. We have many years of experience with wireless technologies and know which one specifically fits your product or service. TÜV Rheinland covers all relevant wireless technologies and, as a one-stop service provider, offers you all the services you need to place your product on the global market.

Test Platform for Automated Assurance of the Quality of your Smart Home Services and Systems

New intelligent solutions for more comfort and safety in your own four walls are constantly being developed. To enable users to control these devices with just one smartphone, operators of smart home platforms must also be able to guarantee interoperability -- and in return, expect the same from product and service providers.

TÜV Rheinland has developed a test platform that ensures quality in a multi-brand and multi-device ecosystem. Service tests are fully automated and possible at any point in the product life cycle. Service tests are suitable for the hardware and software development phase, and for support processes or as an operational monitoring system after integration into cross-brand platforms. Test automation can increase confidence in results, increase process agility and shorten time-to-market times.

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