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Project Management Consulting (PMC)

Project Management Consulting

We supervise and monitor your worldwide projects using professional and comprehensive processes and procedures

Completing projects on time and on budget while ensuring quality and compliance with design and statutory rules is a great challenge causing some undesirable side effects like a high level of coordination, the commitment of personnel resources, complex reporting or financial and contractual risks.

Our experts apply knowledge, experience and tools in order to enable you to implement your project effectively.


Our specialized consulting and management professionals offer an objective and strategic approach to managing the many risks associated with project implementation. This enables you to ensure sustainable success by providing a clear result-oriented focus and establishing a monitoring and control system for reliable assessment. We provide complete advisory and technical assistance aiming to optimize all project phases, placing emphasis on efficiency throughout.

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Our holistic service approach – Project Management Consulting from the initiation stage until the final project closeout

When you work with TÜV Rheinland, you can expect our consultants to be by your side providing leadership and direction throughout the entire Project Life Cycle. To do so we set an experienced, specialized and dedicated team to supervise the project providing a set of systems, procedures and methodologies with proven efficiency.

Every project demands that we identify requirements as well as address the various needs, concerns and stakeholder expectations. Project constraints inscope, quality, schedule, budget, resources and risk are also taken into consideration.

We offer tailored solutions to ensure compliance to statutory and legal requirements, make sure quality standards are met and see that resources are used efficiently.

Inspection tests

Ensuring the designs will fit the customer’s requirements

Design Management

  • Kick-off meeting with the project owner for scope validation
  • Design progress management
  • Enterprise Document Management (EDM) workflow for document revisions and approvals
  • Document control & design meetings to review the progress
  • Definition of key-marks and KPIs to monitor the progress
  • Technical support on design review

Design Review

  • Cold Eye Review meetings to assure project requirements
  • Provision of knowledge on site execution
  • Planning focused on the deliverables according to the construction strategy


  • Constructability Review Meetings to validate and evaluate the construction aspects during the design phase
  • Interface Management
  • Revision of defined system and solutions and proposal of alternatives

Operational procedures for procurement providing organization and traceability


  • Assistance in CAPEX preparation


  • Initial sourcing strategy for material and service
  • Decision for contracting model (EPC, Unit Price, LS and others)
  • Vendor-list and technical qualification survey of selected companies
  • Bid documents (ITB) based on project specification

Bid Procurement

  • Vendors evaluations and audit
  • Preparation of tender documents (RFP);
  • Bid documentation and Q&A
  • Analysis of technical and commercial offers
  • Report with the analysis and decision for the project
  • Participation on the negotiation round
  • Evaluation of long lead materials that could impact on project execution


  • Support of customer on the legal technical aspects documents, tenders & contracts
  • Verification of penalties, liabilities, requisitions and duties on the legal documents

Understanding of all project goals & definition and set up of the matching strategy

Documentation / Interface Management

  • Ensuring that the system holds and maintain proper, accurate and detailed project documentation
  • Definition of documentation approval process and communication plan

Project plans

  • Establishment of a customized PEP – Project Execution Plan
  • Definition of the main project activities to be managed and monitored: 5W2H


  • Detailed schedule identifying the project critical path and opportunities
  • Creation of a regular meeting with all project team to avoid project delays and keep team focused on the execution plan
  • Highlighting the critical activities for the construction and discuss alternatives


  • Risk identification and mitigation strategy
  • Evaluation of probability of risk event occurrence and its effect
  • Risk Management Plan

Control over processes, procedures, and follow-through to guarantee that the owner’s objectives are met

Contract Management – Project Controls

  • Cost & Finance Control - Actual x planned
  • Project forecast view and variance (over/under amount)
  • Change Orders – Implement project change management process
  • Management control

Construction supervision & Quality Management

  • Verify if service execution meets the customer requirements and expectations
  • Assure that the materials, products, methods perform accordingly

HSE Management

  • HSE Management System provides a safe, secure, and healthy work environment for the staff
  • Verification of PPE’s, legal documents, construction site, works release, daily reports and training

Risk Management

  • Update the risks based on the plan developed in the early phases
  • Risk identification and mitigation strategy
  • Evaluation of probability of risk event occurrence and its effect
  • Risk Management Plan

Assurance of functionality by attesting that all systems and components are effectively executed


  • Consistency with the design and the owner’s needs for project completion
  • Anticipation of the commissioning plan during engineering phase

Acceptance of work

  • Coordination of the commissioning activities in a logical, sequential, and efficient manner
  • Punch-list and closeout phase
  • Request the as-built designs and verify the adherence to the construction

Closeout documentation

  • Completion of closeout documentation – As built, data book, warranties, manuals, legal documents
  • Close of agreements, claims and acquisition processes
  • Project delivery to the operational team

Increase safety, quality, asset availability and reliability


  • Monitoring of the production status with regard to compliance and quality requirements
  • Initiation of countermeasures in case of discrepancies.
  • Focus on delivery on time and on quality of the ordered goods

Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)

  • Verification regarding compliance of a system or component features with the codes and standards before leaving the factory
  • Review test procedures and witness the functionality tests (pressure test, safety parameters test, performance tests, etc.)

Vendor inspection

  • Evaluate if the supplier will have the right maturity level, resources, capability, regulatory compliance, delivery capacity and fabrication phases to meet the customer requirements

Pre-shipment Inspection

  • Dimensional verification of the asset so that it can be shipped
  • Evaluation of storage conditions (dimensions, seals, protection), technical and legal documentation (asset and ship), packing lists, quantities and destination

Why you should work with us

In TÜV Rheinland we deliver a unique set of world-class Project Management Consulting capabilities leveraging our global expertise and coverage jointly with local knowledge and our expertise in different sectors and industries. You can benefit from our strong PMC capabilities that relieves its customers by taking over various management tasks to ensure successful implementation of projects.

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Your benefits when using TÜV Rheinland Project Management Consulting

As a competent and dedicated partner we…

  • act in behalf of our clients in projects
  • assist our clients in minimizing cost and maximizing return on investment
  • apply world-class systems, procedures and methodologies to each project
  • Manage overall scheduling and supervision from definition to completion/commissioning
  • Coordinate the interfaces between different stakeholders during all project phases
  • Oversee the technical integration of the facility and on-spec delivery
  • Maximize the probability of project success
  • Control quality requirements across all technical disciplines involved
  • Proactively implement mitigation measures against project cost and schedule overruns

Our Project Management Consulting reference cases

Our consultants have many years of experience and numerous satisfied clients. Have a look at our reference cases to get a better understanding of our services and how we can help you manage your project.


Customer: TIPLAM

Duration: 2 years
Place: Brazil
Scope: PMC
Our main activities in the Integrator Terminal project:

  • Design Management, HSE Management
  • Scheduling & Cost Control, Contracts Management, Risk Management
  • Construction and Assembly Supervision


Customer: EMURB

Duration: 5 years
Place: Brazil
Scope: PMC
Our main activities in the Cable-stayed bridges over the Pinheiros River project:

  • Design Management and Feasibility Studies
  • Planning, Scheduling and Cost Control
  • Construction Supervision & Quality Management



Duration: 4 months
Place: Egypt
Scope: PMC
Our main activities in the Green Hydrogen Plant project:

  • Project Management and Control, Engineering Interface, Process Safety Studies
  • Procurement & Expediting, Fabrication Supervision
  • Installation Supervision, Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning & Start up Supervision


Customer: Rodonorte

Duration: 7 years
Place: Brazil
Scope: PMC
Our main activities in the Roadways Program project:

  • HSE and Quality Management
  • Scheduling, Planning and Cost Control
  • Construction Supervision & Contracts Management

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