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Testing for LED lamps and luminaires

Lamp testing – TÜV Rheinland

Document quality standards with our lamp tests

You want to assure your customers that your lamps, lights and LEDs are very safe and of high quality? Our experts offer a range of testing and certification standards in line with the prescribed directives and standards. We test the energy efficiency, usability and safety of your products. Whether your lamps, lights and LEDs are designed for personal or industrial use, with mains power or run on batteries. The support provided by our experts ranges from intermediate testing during product development to the international approval of your products.

Use our testing and certification for lamps and lights to comply with the legal requirements and communicate a high-quality standard to your customers. Benefit from the extensive experience of our inspectors who test and assess your lights as an independent third party.

Learn about our testing for lighting and LEDs. Contact our experts!

Quick testing times and fast market access through testing and certification for your lamps

Testing and certification for your lamps provides a competitive advantage through our neutral and internationally recognized test mark. It documents that your products are conform to the standards, comply with the prescribed safety standards, and are of high quality. At the same time, you benefit from our quick testing times.

Not only do you offer your customers an important aid to decision-making, you also reduce your company's liability risk. Certification with our test mark also enables you to access national and international markets quickly.

We assist you with extensive testing services for lamps, lights and LEDs.

Benefit from our wide range of services. Our experts offer the right support for your product – from industrial lighting to lights for living spaces and LED lamps, lighting, modules and emergency lamps:

  • Individual or full testing
    Complete or partial testing for your lights, lamps and LEDs, and issuing of the necessary certificate
  • Testing and certification according to various standards and laws
    Among others for electrical and photobiological safety (risks from blue light), compatibility, suitability for integration, electromagnetic compatibility, usage properties, service life and environment simulation test
  • Support during product development
    Structured overview of the relevant standards, limits and testing requirements and optional intermediate testing for prototypes
  • Production monitoring and goods inspection
    Inspection measures to maintain the existing certificate; inspection and verification whether products still correspond to the certified product sample
  • Conformity assessment
    Testing of lights and lamps according to the relevant standards and directives
  • Support for export outside Germany
    Our certifications and registrations support you in getting approval for the successful transport of your products to the relevant market, for example Saudi Arabia, North America and China

Once testing and certification is complete, we will award our test marks to your product:

  • ENEC / ENEC+ mark
  • Bauart mark
  • Test mark for hygiene properties
  • GS mark
  • CE standard conformity

Your qualified partner for tests and certifications according to DIN EN 60598

Our experienced experts offer you a range of product-specific services with short testing times. Thanks to our active and international committee work and involvement in the development of standards we are always up to date when it comes to the lamp and lighting market. That way we can offer you individual and product-specific support.

You will also benefit from our extensive experience of approval regulations for the export of products to other countries.

Do you want to learn more about our services for lamps, lights and LEDs? Make an appointment with our experts today!

Questions and answers about lamp testing

Would you like to know more about testing for lights, lamps and LEDs? You will find the most frequently asked questions below.

1. Why should I have my lamps and lights tested and certified?
Our lighting tests and certifications document that your products are safe, conform to the standards and are of high quality. They offer customers an important decision-making aid for their purchase and also provide you with access to national and international markets. The ENEC/ENEC+ mark and the Bauart mark also provide you with a unique selling point that distinguishes you from the competition.

Once testing and certification are complete, you will receive your certificate and the right to use the test mark for a limited time. While the certificate is valid you can include the test mark in your corporate communications.

Production sites will be inspected annually to ensure that the quality and safety of your products are maintained.

2. How is the electrical safety of my lamps or lights tested?
Our experienced experts test your products in line with lamp standard DIN EN 62560 and lighting standard DIN EN 60598. During that process, they examine the following aspects relating to electrical safety: safety from electric shock, reaction to fire, and photobiology of LED lamps.

3. What products do you test and certify?
In our labs, we test a wide range of lights, lamps and LEDs. They include:

  • Aquarium lamps
  • Industrial lighting (street lights, path lighting, construction site lighting, hall lighting, spotlights)
  • LED lamps
  • LED lighting
  • LED modules
  • Emergency lighting
  • Residential lighting (floor lamps, table lamps, wall lamps and decorative lamps, recessed lights, fairy lights, lighting tubes, night lights)

4. What supportive services do you offer for lamp testing?
Next to individual and complete tests and testing or certification in line with various standards and laws, we also offer you support during product development. In addition, our experts conduct production monitoring, goods inspection and conformity assessments. We also assist you in gaining international approval for your lamps, lights and LEDs.

5. How can I minimize risks during the product development phase?
Our experts are available for intermediate testing during the development phase. Work with us early on to avoid additional costs and unwanted delays.

6. What test marks can my products receive after testing?
Our test marks document the properties your lamps, lights and LEDs were tested for, and the right mark provides quick access to national and international markets. We issue the ENEC / ENEC+ mark, Bauart mark, test mark for hygiene properties, and GS mark for your products.

7. What does the CE marking mean?
The CE marking (CE= Conformité Européenne = European conformity) is a statement by the manufacturer that he has complied with the applicable regulations as specified in the harmonization regulations of the European Union. The CE marking is intended for national monitoring authorities. That means the CE marking is not a certification or quality mark. Instead, it is an administrative mark, almost like a European "passport".

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Learn more about lamps, lights and LEDs

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pdf TUV Rheinland Brochure Lamps, Lights and LED 4 MB Download

Wireless / Internet of Things (IoT)

We certify and test globally all major wirless standards to shape the future of wireless life.
Your Wireless Life. Our Passion.

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