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Managed Threat Detection Services

Advanced threat detection and response services | TÜV Rheinland

Solid cybersecurity with effective services for managed threat detection

Recent attacks on high-profile companies have shown that preventive controls alone are not enough to combat increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity threats. The average cost of a data breach now tops $4M, an increase of more than 29 percent since 2013. The time it takes to detect and respond to threats can have a significant impact on the cost of a security incident. Many organizations struggle with effective threat detection due to challenges such as the vast growth of security logs and data, limitations of technology, ineffective use of threat intelligence, inability to monitor IoT and OT devices, and the shortage of qualified cybersecurity personnel.

We provide comprehensive Managed Threat Detection (MTD) services designed to help you quickly detect and respond to cyber threats. An effective MTD strategy collects, analyzes, and centrally manages security-related data for threat detection. Our experts combine exposure and threat intelligence for a targeted defense with risk-based security analytics, enabling our clients to focus on and prioritize critical business threats and cyber-attacks.

Guard against cyber attack and theft with reliable threat detection and response solutions developed and implemented according to your unique needs and risk.

Protect assets, customers and integrity with threat detection services

Our efficient and effective threat detection services help you reduce the number and intensity of incidents impacting your business, assets, customers and reputation. Real-time, round-the-clock monitoring enables you to identify threats fast and quickly implement an appropriate response. We provide you comprehensive MTD preventive strategies and reliable response solutions according to your specific business situation. Our services require no extra investment upfront and can be up and running in a very short period of time.

Our advanced threat detection and response solutions

MTD includes the technologies, people, and processes to analyse data, to identify contextualize security events and to recommend response plans. Moreover, our Security Operations Center (SOC) analyses and participates in client security incident response. Being part of the entire detection and response process is key to reducing the overall detection and response time.

As part of the service, we remotely support our clients and recommend specific actions for a successful remediation. Our experts stand ready to engage the incident response team to provide onsite support and investigation when needed.

Our MTD services include:

  • Analytics and correlation content for fast and reliable threat detection
  • 24x7 real-time monitoring and threat hunting service using big data analytics, machine learning, behavior anomaly detection, and threat intelligence
  • Participation in threat response for a streamlined and fast incident response
  • Strong data privacy functions enabling GDPR compliance and addressing works council requirements
  • Integration with client’s business context for better visibility and periodization
  • Monitoring enterprise, IoT and OT environments for cyber threats

Our MTD portfolio is offered as cybersecurity, a service with no upfront investments. The multi-tenant threat detection platform runs in a highly secured and scalable private cloud providing small-footprint data collection and client integration. The solution offers:

  • Reduced Capex by requiring no capital investment
  • Low and predictable Opex
  • High architectural and commercial scalability
  • Short implementation time

Tap into our expertise to protect your critical data and keep your business safe!

Managed Threat Detection: We are your experienced partner

Your recognized cybersecurity protection services partner

Our global network of experts provides specialized experience when developing and implementing tailored managed threat detection and response strategies. We support clients around the world with recognized IT and cybersecurity services and solutions from a single source.

Contact us and put our cybersecurity experts to work for you to protect your comprehensive business interests with effective and reliable services!

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Defend your business borders with managed threat detection!

Defend your business borders with managed threat detection!

Get in contact with us!

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