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Internal Compliance Program for Dual-Use Goods and Technologies

Internal Compliance Program for Dual-Use Goods and Technologies | TÜV Rheinland

Show compliance with polish and EU legal requirements with our certification for your Internal Compliance Program for dual-use goods and technologies

Companies exporting to diverse global markets must take precautions to comply with regulatory statutes ensuring the safe and proper sale and transit of their products. The aim of the Internal Compliance Program is to prevent supply of goods of strategical importance such as weapon or dual-use products to the countries and organizations blacklisted by international or national regulations and conventions. Implementing and maintaining an effective Internal Compliance Program helps businesses better control and document their export of dual-use products to foreign actors.

We provide you certification services for your Internal Compliance Program according to Polish law and EU regulations. Our experts certify your Internal Compliance Program for dual-use goods and technologies being exported from the European Union.

Our experienced network of experts certifies your Internal Compliance Program to help export and sales managers increase trust in their organization as credible international trade partner. We work with company owners and CEOs to ensure compliance with all relevant legal requirements to reduce their risk of fines due to avoidable breach of the law.

We are your trusted and recognized partner, on hand to help you achieve sustainable certification for your Internal Compliance Program for dual-use products and technologies. Are you interested in a certification? Contact our experts!

Safe and efficient with a certified Internal Compliance Program

Benefits of an internal compliance program for dual use products with TUV Rheinland

Proof of compliance to Polish laws and EU regulations distinguishes your business as a reputable partner of integrity. Certification is mandatory for companies trading goods of strategic importance to the state such as weapons and in some cases dual-use goods. Only certified companies are allowed to apply for official legal permits allowing for the trade of such products. Certification protects you from breaches caused by non-compliant processes of transactions which can result in exorbitant fines and/or intense state agency scrutiny.

Internal Compliance Management system provides you a better understanding of international trade regulations preventing illegal export of strategic goods to prohibited countries. You are able to better manage the competences, training and responsibilities of your professional staff.

Based on ISO 9001 , the Internal Compliance Program for dual-use goods and technologies allows other management systems to be introduced into company structure and processes. Internal Compliance Program helps you ensure systematic compliance with current legislation. Protect the good name of your company with an effective Internal Compliance Program!

Our experts comprehensively evaluate your Internal Compliance Program for dual-use goods and technologies

We provide you conditional and mandatory certification according to Polish law and EU regulation. We are a Certified Body (CB), authorized by Polish officials.

We audit according to the Polish Act of 29. November 2000 which mandates ISO 9001 compliance as well as requirements specific to control systems for trading goods of strategic importance. This national legislation sets international trade principles for goods, technologies and services significant to state security and international peace. Our experts make sure you are also compliant to the EU Council regulation dated 5. May 2009. EU 428/2009 establishes a community regimen for controlling the export, transfer, brokering and transit of dual-use products.

In evaluating your Internal Compliance Program for controlling foreign trade of goods, technologies and services of strategic importance, we examine:

  • Powers and responsibilities of corporate trade control and management staff including business activities and weapons competence.
  • Personnel competence and training.
  • Supervision for documents and records related to trade transactions.
  • Supervision of legal requirements.
  • Classification methods of products being traded.
  • Order processing procedures such as customer appraisal and transaction risk assessment.
  • Principles for control systems and conducting internal audits.
  • Analysis and monitoring of data.
  • Communications with national trade control system supervisory institutions.

Certification is valid for a period of three years during which CB auditors pay three visits to company headquarters.

Your partner for Certified Body certification services in Poland

A global leader in inspection, testing, verification and certification services, we provide you comprehensive expertise from a single source. With a proven track record and a professional approach, our auditors can evaluate the efficiency of the implementation of your Internal Compliance Program and our periodical assessments can help improve it continually.

Authorized as a Certified Body, we provide certification for your Internal Compliance Program to ensure dual-use products are legally traded. Our recognized certification demonstrates your corporate commitment to compliance and best business practices for keeping your products in safe hands.

Put our expertise to work for the secure export of dual-use products!


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Contact us to request a non-binding offer

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