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Higg Brand and Retail Module (BRM) Verification

Higg brand and retail modul (BRM) assessment evaluates environmental and social impact areas. We are your approved Verification Body | TÜV Rheinland

Fashion a sustainable future with our Higg BRM verification

Brands and retailers operating in global markets are keen to establish their good names with quality apparel manufactured according to effective strategies protecting both workers and the natural environment. The Higg Brand and Retail Module (BRM) provides guidelines to realistically assess the sustainability of product, environmental and social impacts throughout unique value chains.

Higg BRM is a scalable industry tool designed to help you uniformly evaluate social and environmental management systems, drive performance and meet relevant standards. Registration on the Higg online platform provides your partners easy-to-access reliable and transparent data proving your social and environmental status. As a Verification Body (VB) approved by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC), we conduct comprehensive services supporting brands and retailers to verify their Higg BRM self-assessment as well as overall corporate sustainability integration and progress.

Our recognized sustainability reporting assurance experts are available at any time, anywhere in the world to examine self-assessment documentation and verify results, so you can prioritize strategies to minimize risks and repercussions associated with your suppliers, manufacturers and products.

Make sure your value chain is responsible, sustainable and profitable!

“Benetton group uses the Higg Brand & Retail Module to measure social and environmental impact along our value chain while identifying strengths and pinpointing areas for improvement. The Higg BRM enables us to present standardized sustainability data and compare our performance with others. Independent verification is fundamental in ensuring the accuracy of our submitted information. TÜV Rheinland has proven to be a valuable partner, helping us to understand our most significant impact areas so we can prioritize strategic action.”
Alessia Scroccaro, Sustainab ility Manager, Benetton Group S.R.L.

Strengthen your brand with BRM corporate sustainability reporting

Higg BRM assessment evaluates environmental and social impact areas ranging from greenhouse gas emission, animal welfare, water usage and biodiversity to forced labor and discrimination as well as workplace harassment and safety. Risk and impact assessment in these areas and more enables you to rate and incentivize key external partners to support and invest in your long-term sustainability goals. Voluntary BRM self-assessment helps you take action across your value chain to mitigate risk, increase efficiency and protect your reputation. Higg BRM verification and online registration provides you the important ability to confidently and consistently communicate your sustainable production ideals to investors, stakeholders and consumers alike for a stronger, successful business.

Our Higg BRM verification

Higg BRM assessment covers numerous areas of social and environmental impact to help you determine risks, identify hotspots and prioritize actions to support sustainable principles across your entire value chain. As an approved Verification Body (VB), we conduct comprehensive services to verify the results and documentation of your Higg BRM self-assessment.

Our verification process consists of four sections:


  • Sign NDA, set up shared folder, assign VB
  • Review initial self-assessment
  • Confirm business model, size and organizational structure
  • Plan interviews
  • Interviews
  • Launch kickoff meeting with management teams
  • Conduct deep dives with functional leads and team members

Data validation

  • Review supporting evidence and validate data
  • Meet with project leader for review
  • Survey data owner or subject matter experts
  • Internal system demo as needed

Closing meeting

  • Prepare final review of findings summary with project leader
  • Hold closing meeting with management teams

Although most verification activity is conducted via convenient online meetings, on-premise services are available in cases where both the client and VB agree. Our BRM verification service is complete with your recognized Higg index online registration.

Our extended efforts entail value added services providing you the Higg BRM verification executive summary report to include:

  • Summary of verification activities
  • Benchmark analysis of your Higg BRM verification score
  • Assessment of your corporate sustainability performance according to SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats) principles
  • Recommendations to improve your overall sustainability performance

A trusted SAC partner

The very first Verification Body to receive SAC approval, TÜV Rheinland participated in the 2019 Higg BRM pilot verification program. Regarded as an experienced and trusted service provider to the apparel industry, we provided valuable feedback to help SAC better shape the official Higg BRM verification program launched in May 2021. Our sustainability reporting assurance experts have first-hand knowledge critical to assisting brands and retailers achieve efficient and value-added verification. We provide comprehensive services from a single source to better serve you in a timely manner so you can focus on your business.

Request a consultation session to receive detailed information about our tailored holistic approach and pilot learnings as well as expert guidance on the entire verification process!

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Learn more about the Higg BRM verification process!

Learn more about the Higg BRM verification process!

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