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Air Quality Monitoring

Air quality monitoring – TÜV Rheinland

Improve air quality effectively with our air quality testing and monitoring

Air quality and air purity are very important for both humans and the environment. They are heavily affected by constant production processes that emit smoke, soot, particulates or odors, for example, and by other influences such as noise, vibrations or radiation that can have a negative effect on people's lives and health. Make an active contribution towards reducing environmental impact and sustainably improving air quality and environmental quality – with efficient immission control.

Our experts assist businesses and public bodies with comprehensive services from a single source. As a registered measuring body, as per §§ 26, 28 of the Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG) in Germany as well as internationally accredited according to ISO 17025, we measure and analyze air pollution and help you choose the right control measures.

With their extensive experience, our experts can provide high-quality measurements, tests and technical statements. We can assist you in all matters of air pollution control.

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Our air quality monitoring help you comply with the law

As an authorized measuring body, we can help you comply with all relevant legislation. Our experts apply the latest technology and conduct high-quality measurements and appraisals. Save money and time and get your immission forecasts and calculations of smokestack heights from a single source.

Our environmental experts can help you make an active contribution towards environmental protection. By developing suitable immission control measures you can help reduce pollution and improve air quality.

Ask our experts to measure and analyze your ambient air quality

Air quality monitoring by TÜV Rheinland
Our services at a glance

Our air quality monitoring services at a glance:

  • Measuring and monitoring environmentally relevant substances and odors in the ambient air, such as smoke, soot, dust, gases, aerosols and vapors
  • Use of mobile and stationary measuring equipment
  • Determining and evaluating air pollution during procedures for planning and modification of facilities, such as immission forecasts and dispersion calculations
  • Analyzing air quality with reference to the sources of emission
  • Determining metrological data for calculation of pollutant dispersion conditions during the creation of forecasts
  • Performing polluter analyses, expert opinions in the event of complaints

Our experts draw up a detailed plan in advance in order to achieve the best measurements of existing immissions. In particular, this measurement plan defines the components to be tested, the measuring procedures and their frequency, the measuring locations, and the measuring period. This intensive planning process ensures that immissions will be determined in a meaningful and representative manner. Next to air quality measurements, our experts also conduct immission forecasts. They allow us to predict the effects of a planned facility and compare different designs.

Our services for your immission forecast:

  • Determining the height of the smokestack (flue) as per TA Luft (Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control) for pollutant immissions, and as per GIRL (directive on odor immissions) for sources of odor.
  • Dispersion modelling for gaseous air pollutants, dust and the substances contained in the dust, microbes and spores
  • Pollutant immission forecast, dust immission forecast, dispersion of bio-aerosols
  • Nitrogen deposition calculations as per EU Directive 92/43/EEC for designated habitats of flora and fauna, FFH
  • Dispersion calculation as per GIRL – odor immission forecasts
  • Micro-scale immission forecasts for vehicle-related air pollution in built-up structures such as gas stations, car parts, or urban canyons
  • Dispersion modelling for orthographically structured terrain
  • Dispersion modelling in complex building structures
  • Performing polluter analyses
  • Expert opinions in the event of complaints

We are your competent partner for air quality monitoring

Our environmental experts assist businesses and public bodies with comprehensive services from a single source. As a registered measuring body in Germany and internationally accredited according to ISO 17025 we are recognized by public bodies as technical consultants. As a globally leading testing institute, and with more than 25 years of experience in the field, we are the right partner for you when it comes to the approval of your emission and immission measuring systems. Choose us as your specialist in all matters of air pollution control.

Contact our experts for more information.

Information about air quality monitoring

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