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Lab Products and Lab Equipment

Lab Products and Lab Equipment

Usability - Your Advantage Against the Competition

Safety, usability, and ergonomics are decisive factors when it comes to buying lab products and lab equipment. If they operate intuitively, work processes are faster. If they are ergonomically designed, you can prevent and avoid joint or muscle strain. Our audit seal shows that your products satisfy user compatibility requirements. We can test the durability and reliability of your products and evaluate their technical, functional, material, and design characteristics – whether it’s test tubes, protective goggles, or analysis equipment.

Benefits at a Glance

An independent audit of your lab products by experts from TÜV Rheinland helps you:

  • Fulfill statutory safety regulations
  • Document that your products fulfill ergonomic, operational safety, and user compatibility requirements
  • Improve your market position and increase profit margins
  • Boost confidence in the quality of your products
  • Strengthen customer loyalty and benefit from repeat sales

An Overview of our Lab Product Tests

  • Analysis and Testing
    We evaluate the usability of your product based on international ergonomics standards, and based on our own criteria. Our user trials are designed to test effectiveness, efficiency, and user satisfaction. During the lab test, we inspect the ergonomic requirements of the product – we can also test your product against individually set parameters.
  • Documentation
    The audit results are documented in an inspection report. If the audit is positive, your product will be certified as user compatible and attain the audit seal. User statements collected in our documentation – dissenting as well as positive – provide an ideal basis for optimizing your product.

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