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Sound and Noise Protection

Sound and noise protection – TÜV Rheinland

Comprehensive services and consultation on sound and noise protection

Noise and vibrations are a feature of all our lives, but in the long term they can limit our quality of life and cause illness. We help industrial businesses and communities protect their employees, inhabitants and the environment through emission reduction.

Our services include everything from analysis to mitigation plans and the implementation of measures. We assist you with advice and help you develop sustainable concepts. Our expertise extends to a wide range of areas: Construction acoustics/construction physics, commercial/industrial noise, sonic construction planning, traffic noise, environmental noise, noise due to sports/leisure activities, construction noise, machine noise and vibrations and noise and vibrations in the workplace.

We use state-of-the-art technology for our measurements, calculations and assessments. As an accredited and authorized measuring body according to §29b of the German Federal Immission Control Act (Bundesimmissionsschutzgesetz, or BImSchG), we are the right partner by your side and provide optimum assistance thanks to our extensive experience. Benefit from our professional advice on all matters relating to environmental protection.

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Reduce harmful environmental impacts on the basis of our sound protection and noise assessment

Our services help you avoid or reduce harmful environmental impacts – as well as the state of the art allows. Objectives differ widely. Protect your employees from noise and vibrations in the workplace in order to reduce downtimes or obtain any certification - LU you are aiming for. Or use the results of our sound protection and noise assessment to build infrastructures, develop forecasts and implement countermeasures. Noise perception often leads to conflict in urban planning. With our support, you can implement your project with legal certainty and in line with sound protection measures.

Our range of services for sound and noise protection in various areas

Sound and noise protection services - TÜV Rheinland
Sound and noise protection is important in many areas

Within our varied fields of expertise, we offer the following individual services:

Architectural acoustics / architectural physics:

Commercial and industrial noise:

  • Noise forecast / noise measurement / noise assessment in accordance with the German technical guidelines on noise (TA Lärm)
  • Acoustic tendering / monitoring of construction work / supervision of construction work
  • Dimensioning for noise reduction measures
  • Mixed-use zone assessment, state of the art for noise reduction

Acoustic construction planning

  • Noise protection assessment according to DIN 18005 "Noise abatement in town planning"
  • Interpretation of sound contingent as per DIN 45691 "Noise allotment"
  • Land development plans, site-securing procedures

Traffic noise:

  • Assessment of street noise and rail noise according to German legislation (16. BImSchV, "Verkehrslärmschutzverordnung" and 24. BImSchV, "Verkehrswege-Schallschutzmaßnahmenverordnung")
  • Aviation noise and ground noise calculations as per AZB (instructions on calculating noise abatement zones in Germany) or TA Lärm
  • Noise reduction measures such as noise barriers or passive noise protection

Environmental noise:

  • Calculations and mapping as per 2002/49/EC "Environmental Noise Directive"
  • Sensitivity maps, conflict maps, analysis of affected parties
  • Measures and noise action plans

Noise caused by sports and leisure activities:

  • Assessment as per German legislation (18. BImSchV "Sportanlagenlärmschutzverordnung") and ordinances on leisure noises issued by the German Länder

Construction noise:

  • Sound measurements and forecasts as per AVwV Baulärm (German general administrative regulation on protection against construction noise)

Machine noise and vibrations:

  • Conformity assessment as per 2000/14/EG "Outdoor Directive"
  • Measurements as per RAL-UZ Blue Angel, a German ecolabel, and the "Machinery Directive"
  • Cause analysis, noise reduction on machines

Noise and vibrations in the workplace:

  • Measurements as per the German noise/vibration occupational safety regulation "LärmVibrationsArbSchV"
  • Cause analysis / programs for noise and vibration reduction


  • Vibration measurements as per DIN 4150
  • Vibration forecasts, e.g. for construction site facilities
  • Vibration analysis

Link between economy and environmental protection

As your partner we are the link between economy and environmental protection. Our experts assist you with comprehensive advice, exact measurements and reports that will be accepted by the authorities. Noise protection measures sometimes offer synergies with measures for traffic and clean air planning, so we also offer examinations in these two areas. As one of the biggest providers of professional training we also offer seminars relevant to this topic.

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