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Emissions Testing

Emissions testing

Comply with legal regulations by having your emissions measured by our experts

One of the main aims of environmental protection is to suppress harmful emissions or reduce them as much as possible. Typical examples of emissions include gaseous and particulate pollutants emitted by furnaces, odor emissions and particulate emissions from waste tips. Help protect the climate and ask us to measure the emissions created by your facilities.

Our experts will test your facility – from large-scale firing plants to biogas plants, from waste incinerators to crematoria – according to national and international standards. We can also help you reduce noise pollution, measure exhaust gases and harmful emissions, and modernize your facilities.

With their extensive experience, our experts can analyze your processes and identify potential improvements. As a measurement body registered throughout Germany and internationally accredited according to ISO 17025 we are authorized to perform the legally required measurements for you.

Your facilities need testing? Ask us about our emission testing.

Do your part for the environment by testing your emissions

Our emission testing actively contributes to environmental protection. By testing your facilities, you can reduce air, ground and water pollution, protect persons from pollution, and help improve the environment.

Operators of facilities that require permits are obliged to examine the type and extent of emissions emitted by their facilities. Our measurement and testing services will enable you to comply with the legal regulations. Emission testing also enables the smooth and efficient operation of your facilities.

Have your facilities tested in line with national and international standards

Services for emissions testing
We measure the substances and gases emitted by your facility.

Our experienced inspectors will visit your premises, conduct their measurements on site, analyze the results at our lab, and create a report that you can submit to the authorities.

Our range of services include:

  • Emissions testing for facilities requiring approval
  • Functional tests and calibration – AST and QAL2 as per DIN EN 14181 or VDI3950 – of automatic measuring equipment for continuous exhaust monitoring
  • Identifying the correct installation site for continuous sampling, comparative measurements and the creation of installation certificates
  • Creating concepts for measuring and monitoring thermal processes such as combustion chambers, crude gas or clean gas
  • Measuring and consulting for thermal processes and for process technology including exhaust measurement and waste air treatment
  • Testing and parametrizing systems for data entry, data analysis and data transfer to the authorities as part of remote emission monitoring (emission analysis computer)
  • Identifying installation and measuring points for comparative measurements as per DIN EN 15259 (VDI 4200)
  • Concepts for monitoring exhaust and process parameters
  • In-house measurements, for example for facility improvements
  • Evaluating, measuring and consulting for process technology in waste air treatment, and information on the state of the art
  • Measuring and monitoring of material flows and all types of trace elements; surveys for approval testing; drawing up thermal and material balances; and warranty services
  • Measuring and forecasting odors and odorant spread, and advice about measures for mitigation

Take advantage of our experience in the field of emissions testing

We are an authorized measuring body in Germany as per § 29b BImSchG, and are also accredited as a testing institute as per DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005. We can therefore perform the legally mandated emission testing for your facilities. Our experts will choose the right procedure for every measurement and agree the measurement plan with you. We conduct emission measurements throughout Germany for a variety of components and numerous customers.

Rely on our extensive experience and ask us to conduct your in-house measurements.

Contact one of our experts for more information.

Information about emissions testing

pdf Flyer – Emission measuring 423 KB Download
pdf Flyer – Emission declarations 388 KB Download
pdf Flyer – Functional tests / Calibration 425 KB Download
pdf Flyer – Air quality monitoring 412 KB Download

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