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Certification According to SA 8000

Certification According to SA 8000

SA 8000: Socially Responsible Corporate Management

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is increasingly gaining in significance particularly for companies operating on an international level. Any misconduct or failure to follow the minimum requirements can quickly result in damage to a company’s image and consequently also in financial losses.

By demonstrating a responsible approach to social and ethical issues, you create a stable corporate image and clear competitive advantages. Especially because your company actively and positively influences the confidence of customers, investors, local authorities as well as the general public.

The SA 8000 Standard

The basis for the confirmation of your corporate social standards could be a voluntary certification of your compliance with the rights of workers according to SA 8000, the international standard for social accountability. This is particularly suitable for multi-national companies wanting to strengthen and communicate their responsible business conduct as well as for suppliers of products and retailers - regardless of their size, industry or location.

SA 8000 places the same requirements on a company as the BSCI standard, but also includes a management system similar to ISO 9001 . Among others, the standard has the objective to improve the working conditions of employees. It also sets the minimum requirements for social and labor standards for a company.

Requirements of the SA 8000 Standard

The SA 8000 standard places the same requirements on a company as the BSCI standard, but also includes a management system similar to ISO 9001.

Among other things, adherence to SA 8000 requires, for example, the prohibition of child and forced labor, that employees work a maximum of 48 hours per week with one day off and the demand for and introduction of humane working conditions.

Benefits of SA 8000 Certification Services at a Glance

With an SA 8000 certification you can

  • Protect your image from attacks by the general public regarding corporate social responsibility.
  • Document that your company remains seriously committed to the protection of and compliance with social and labor standards and social responsibility.
  • Strengthen the confidence of the public, your partners and customers and demonstrably comply with their requirements.
  • Gain significant competitive advantage over companies that do not adjust their production to social aspects.
  • Ensure social accord in your production sites and your relationship with your suppliers.
  • Show that socially fair working conditions, health and environmentally friendly production conditions are a matter of course in your company.
  • Improve the working conditions and create a safer working environment

Our TÜV Rheinland experts are available to answer your questions and provide further information to the SA 8000 certification.

Procedure for the SA 8000 Certification

1. Pre-audit (optional)
The auditors perform a preliminary assessment. They determine if and which requirements of the standard have already been implemented in your company.

2. Documentation review
The audit team reviews the extent to which the documentation of your social management system already corresponds to standard SA 8000.

3. Certification audit
You demonstrate the practical application of your social standards. Our auditors examine the effectiveness.

4. Issuing the certificate
Once all criteria have been fulfilled, your company receives the certificate. It certifies compliance with the SA 8000 standard. Furthermore your company will be included in our online certification database “ Certipedia ” and you can advertise your certified sustainability with the official TÜV Rheinland mark.

5. Control audits
Our annual control audits help you to continuously optimize your working conditions.

6. Certification renewal
With a renewal of the certification before the expiration of three years, you permanently extend your continuous improvement process. For your partners and customers, you permanently document your commitment to socially just working conditions.

A Comprehensive Strategy for Corporate Sustainability

The SA 8000 standard can be integrated into existing quality or occupational safety management systems.

If you wish to document your responsibility towards people and the environment, combine SA 8000 with a certified environmental management system according to ISO 14001 or EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme).

Origin of the SA 8000 standard

To improve global working conditions, the social standard SA 8000 was developed by the non-governmental organization Social Accountability International (SAI) in the USA in 1997/98. The standard is based on the international human rights convention, on a recommendation by the International Labor Organization (ILO) as well as on a variety of ISO standards from ISO 9001 (quality management systems).

In order to safeguard the social responsibility of a company, SA 8000 requires the setup of a management system which companies can voluntarily certify.

Requirements of the SA 8000 Standard on Occupational Safety

  • No child or forced labor
  • Prohibition of race, gender and religious discrimination
  • Right to freedom of association, to trade union membership and collective bargaining
  • Commitment to the maximum working time of 48 hours per week with one day off
  • Guarantee of the existence living wages
  • Demand for and introduction of humane working conditions
  • Systematic improvement of the conditions at the workplace
  • Publicly accessible documentation by certification

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