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Explosion Protection Testing and Certification

Explosion Protection Testing and Certification

Get explosion protection certification for your products

To access various markets worldwide, electrical and mechanical components or equipment intended for use in potentially hazardous or explosive environments must retain explosion proof certification. Manufacturers, distributors and retailers as well as consumers and those operators modifying their equipment systems are concerned. They must make absolutely certain that all products used in explosive atmospheres carry the appropriate certification according to specific regional, national and international standards.

Although all certification schemes set out to define safety levels of products used in hazardous areas, their product scope, classification of application areas and operational requirements differ. Our explosion protection experts help you to determine which path of certification is most suitable for your particular situation.

We support you as a globally recognized Notified Body (ATEX), Ex Test Laboratory and Certification Body (IECEx 02) to meet all local and/or worldwide standards mandating adequate explosion protection.

Prove the safety of your products with explosion testing and certification. Speak with our experts today!

Safe, competitive and profitable with explosion proof certification

An authorized ATEX Notified Body and IECEx 02 Ex Test Laboratory and Certification Body, we provide you globally recognized testing and certification. We help you achieve full compliance to access and gain competitive advantage in demanding world markets. Our global network of experts can identify regulations, directives and requirements affecting your products from a local perspective. Implementing harmonized standards and common test protocols, our specialists can shorten approval times and lower costs associated with placing products in any region. Our one-stop services provide you expeditious audit and certification. Reduce your company liability by adhering to mandated quality and safety standards anywhere in the world.

Authorized expert explosion protection services

Our comprehensive explosion protection testing and certification services cover:

  • Electrical and non-electrical components and equipment to be used in potentially explosive atmospheres including controlling, regulating and safety devices
  • Risk analysis
  • Field inspection
  • Expert services for plants and installations
  • Factory inspection
  • Product and personnel certification

To help you gain explosion protection certification, we:

  • Provide you a full report and technical support
  • Identify applicable directives and standards
  • Determine your conformity route, providing accredited Notified Body involvement for the inspection of certain products or implemented protection methods
  • Test your products, prototypes, components and assemblies according to health and safety requirements
  • Evaluate results and report findings
  • Build the technical file compliant to specific certification requirements
  • Prepare declaration of conformity documents
  • Confirm directive compliance through EX-mark or EX-proof
  • Issue type approval and certifications

We provide intelligent solutions for the maximum safety, functionality and reliability of components, equipment and systems to be launched in European and global markets. From design to manufacturing, installation and operation, we have the expertise, accreditations and procedures necessary to help you successfully achieve certification.

Comprehensive testing and certification services for equipment used in potentially explosive environments.

Your worldwide partner in achieving proper and prudent explosion protection certification

A recognized and experienced service provider for operational safety in explosive atmospheres, we are authorized to conduct critical explosion protection testing and certification according to relevant regulations. Our specialists and auditors worldwide provide manufacturing system certification as well as facilities approval services according to European and international regulations such as the ATEX95 (94/9/EC) Directive (Product and Production Quality Assurance) and the IECEx 03 Certified Service Facilities scheme. Our global network of experts works to prepare solutions tailored to your specific needs. We are IECEx accredited to train your personnel to ensure their integral competence according to the highest safety standards. Upon IECEx 05 compliance and technical capability according to the units of competence in the scope of application, we are authorized to issue a Certificate of Personnel Competence (CoPC). Our Notified Body and Certification Body credentials bear testament to our extensive expertise and experience as well as our worldwide presence in providing appropriate explosion proof certification for diverse products across world markets.

Find out how we can help you achieve market success with explosion protection testing and certification.

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More information

pdf Testing and certification regulations for Ex-Protection 48 KB Download
pdf Conformity Assessment of Equipment 196 KB Download
pdf Poster ATEX/IECEx 581 KB Download
pdf 3D Printers Whitepaper 847 KB Download

More Information

The ATEX Directive applies to all equipment, protective systems, and some specified devices that are intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres and are made or sold in the European Union. This includes electrical and mechanical equipment and protective systems for use on the surface, below ground, and on fixed offshore installations. It relates to all equipment, protective systems, safety devices, controlling devices, regulating devices, and components (defined as any item essential to the safe functioning of equipment).

Compliance with the ATEX Directive became mandatory on July 1, 2003. Manufacturers of equipment that fall under the scope of the ATEX Directive are responsible for meeting the general requirements of Annex II by applying all relevant standards based on the design and “protection methods” of the product. The ATEX Directive is a CE Marking Directive, which means products that fall under the scope of the directive are subject to CE marking. In addition, manufacturers have to meet specific responsibilities prior to launching equipment on the market.

If you are interested in TÜV Rheinland’s ATEX services, you may also be interested in these testing services:

  • EMC
  • Field evaluation
  • Semi S2 and S8
  • Other industrial machinery compliance and safety standards

Products Covered

  • Safety devices
  • Controlling devices
  • Regulating devices

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