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Pre-Shipment Inspection

Pre-Shipment Inspection

Ensure that equipment ordered conforms to specifications - with our pre-shipment inspection (PSI) services

In today’s industry, success means the ability to offer the right products at the right time for a competitive price. To meet market demand, industrial manufacturers select their materials and suppliers from all over the world. With increasing globalization, the risk of products and materials not being delivered on time and/or lacking in the quality agreed upon also grows. Clients in different parts of the world have the common need for a guarantee that ordered components, materials and equipment align with given specifications.

An independent third party like TÜV Rheinland can help you with pre-shipment inspection in order to ensure that equipment, components and documentation conform to contractual requirements.

Our extensive experience gained in global supply chain projects makes us your preferred partner. You can benefit from our know-how and tailored solutions for your business.

Learn more about how pre-shipment inspection can benefit your project. At many locations worldwide.

Assure quality prior to shipment with the help of our industrial equipment specialists

Pre-shipment inspection checklist
From quality to documents and loading, we check your orders prior to shipment

With the contribution of our PSI experts you can be sure that the equipment ordered corresponds with quantity and quality requirements, is packed to withstand adversities of transport and that shipping documentation is complete.

Our contribution to your success in your international supply chain

Our scope for pre-shipment inspection services includes, but is not limited to:

  • Packing check to make sure sufficient protection during transportation is provided and confirm it is in accordance with specified requirements
  • Loading inspection to ensure proper fixing of goods for transportation
  • Verification for correct installation of movement recorder devices
  • Verification of completeness of shipment documentation
  • Verification that all equipment is in agreed contractual conditions prior to shipment
  • Provision of pre-shipment inspection report

As a result, you receive a pre-shipment inspection report confirming that your goods are ready for transport in the ordered quality and quantity, and properly documented. Moreover, we safeguard your shipped goods during packaging and loading to reduce any risk of damage during transport.

One-stop-shop for international supply chain needs – your pre-shipment inspection specialist

No matter in which sector you operate or in which country, our multidisciplinary teams offer a large portfolio of services and expertise. We can cover all your needs along the supply chain.

For over half a century, we have been ensuring quality and timely delivery of industrial equipment, machinery and components. Today we serve global projects in over 65 countries. Our experts audit, inspect or verify according to your inspection test plans, your specifications or applicable international codes and standards.

Let us show how!

Our references in pre-shipment inspection

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pdf RWE Power AG 671 KB Download
pdf Aluminium smelter Abu Dhabi 100 KB Download
pdf Iraq supergiant oil field 95 KB Download

More about our pre-shipment inspection services

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Morocco Verification of Conformity Program

Activate your business with TÜV Rheinland’s smooth and reliable VoC services

To protect the consumers in Morocco from substandard products and to assure that safe and quality products enter the Moroccan market, the Moroccan Ministry of Industry, Trade, Green and Digital Economy (MICEVN) implemented a Verification of Conformity (VoC) Program with effect from 1st February 2020, in line with law 09-24 and decrees No. 212-02 and No. 13-3873. The VoC program requires that consignments falling under the list of regulated products are accompanied by a Certificate of Conformity to prove compliance to Morocco’s national quality & safety regulations.

TÜV Rheinland is an authorized inspection body for the newly implemented Moroccan VoC program by MICEVN to issue Certificates of Conformity. We are a recognized partner accredited to provide you reliable services relating to VoC Certification which will help you confidently place your products in the Moroccan market.

The VoC Program is part of the Moroccan government’s ongoing efforts to assure product conformity and quality through compliance with national technical standards and regulations to protect consumers against unsafe and non-compliant products.

Regulated Product Categories Under the Moroccan VoC Program:

  1. Automotive Spare Parts
  2. Furniture
  3. Plastic Products
  4. Construction Material
  5. Electrical Products
  6. Products in Contact with Food
  7. Chemical Products
  8. Leather, Textile & Clothing
  9. Personal Protective Equipment
  10. Children Toys
  11. Oil & Gas Appliances

Regulated Product Categories Subject to Destination Inspection:

  1. Automotive Spare Parts
  2. Gas Appliances
  3. Clothing
  4. Construction Material
  5. Electrical Products
  6. Rugs, Carpets, Upholstery Fabrics
  7. Wooden Panels
  8. Wire Rod and Concrete Reinforcing Steel
  9. Diapers

Our experts verify whether your products are compliant with MICEVN regulations and eligible for VoC certification. Successful certification provides you access to the Moroccan market, helps you avoid customs delays, and reduces your risk of potential losses due to the import of non-compliant products that will be prohibited for release to consumers. Our experts for Market Access Services help you meet the criteria for the VOC certification within a competitive timeframe.

Fees structure under the Moroccan Verification of Conformity Scheme

Inspection of Goods in Morocco Inspection of Goods in the Exporting Countries
Fees to be carried byImporterExporter
ProcedureControl within Moroccan territory (local inspection) or Review of CoC (Certificate of Conformity) issued abroad
Verification of Conformity for goods in the exporting country
Fees*350 Moroccan Dirhams
Percentage of the shipment’s FOB value:
• Route A: 0.45% (Minimum USD 315 - Maximum USD 2,500)
• Route B: 0.40% (Minimum USD 300 USD - Maximum USD 2,500 USD)
• Route C: 0.25% (Minimum USD 280 USD - Maximum USD 2,400 USD)
Process of VOC Certification for Morocco - TUV Rheinland
Process of VOC Certification for Morocco - TUV Rheinland

Routes under the Moroccan scheme:

  • Route A: Any good or product by any trader
  • Route B (Registration): Goods that are already registered by TÜV Rheinland
  • Route C (Licensing): Goods that are already licensed by TÜV Rheinland

*Fees are excluding VAT

National Deviation and Markings of Morocco VoC Program:

  • Accepted plug type: C and E
  • Voltage 220 V and Frequency 50 Hz
  • Markings and labelling on products have to be Arabic
  • Marking CeMim is mandatory for Toys and Electrical products

The following documents are required to be submitted by the applicant to start the VoC process:

  • Complete and signed TÜV Rheinland application form
  • Product test reports
  • Invoice
  • Packing list


Contact us to request a non-binding offer

Contact us to request a non-binding offer

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