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Emergency Light Testing and Inspection

Emergency Light Testing and Inspection

Reliable backup lighting systems depend on expert inspection

Emergency lighting systems must be in place and properly working to accommodate the best of outcomes in the worst of situations. Our regular and compliant testing and inspection ensure that your emergency lighting systems will be ready when most needed.

Make sure everyone in your complex is able to calmly and correctly find a safe exit in case of a catastrophic emergency or unexpected power outage.

As one of the leading providers of testing and inspection services for safety lighting systems and recognized by building code authorities, we help you plan, implement, get final approval of and properly maintain your emergency lighting systems. Our qualified experts advise you when selecting a backup power source suitable for your facility needs determine the best solution for your escape-route lighting and keep track of your inspection requirements and deadlines.

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Safe emergency exit routes with comprehensive testing and inspection

The TÜV Rheinland integral safety lighting concept enables you to meet your statutory requirements and expeditiously identify hidden defects and material degradation prior to malfunction. Take advantage of our years of experience and our network of experts to ensure the safety of your employees, students, patients, customers, event-goers, congregation and passengers. Let us provide you tested and secure emergency lighting systems to protect investment, reduce liability and enhance the value of your assets.

Emergency lighting testing and inspection

Emergency lighting inspection and testing
From planning and installation to operation, we provide a wide range of services for emergency and exit lighting systems

Our comprehensive services include planning, installation and initial inspection support as well as commissioning and the periodic inspection of the operational effectiveness and reliability of your emergency lighting system. We further measure illumination levels and check to make sure that your maintenance requirements are met. In addition to providing facilities for functional testing, our experts keep an accurate log of your inspection procedures and conduct regular audits to assess the operability of your emergency lighting systems and ensure the consistent charging of your backup power sources.

We provide you independent, professional testing in accordance with international regulations and on the following standards:

  • DIN EN 1838
    (Applied lighting technology: Emergency lighting systems)
  • DIN VDE 0108
    (Power installations and safety power supply in communal facilities)
  • DIN VDE 0100 T560
    (Erection of power installations with nominal voltages of up to 1000V, electrical installations for safety purposes)
  • DIN 4844
    (Safety colors and symbols)
  • BGV A8
    (Safety and health protection labeling in the workplace)
  • Workplace regulations
    (Paragraph 7 of the ArbStättV workplace ordinance)
  • ASR 7/4
    (Workplace directives)
  • BGR 216
    (Optical safety control systems)

Independent safety lighting systems testing following a series of relevant standards

Our services offer protection for event facilities, theaters and stadiums as well as shopping centers, exhibition halls, high-rise buildings, restaurants and hotels. We safeguard emergency lighting systems in schools, hospitals, houses of worship, airports and train stations. We make sure that temporary structures, open and enclosed parking areas, offices, factories and special-hazard workplaces have adequate and functioning safety lighting measures in place. Our experts comprehensively test and inspect your emergency lighting systems to assure quality, compliance and reliability.

TÜV Rheinland makes sure the lights come on

When things go dark, you can rely on systems tested and inspected by our TÜV Rheinland experts. With years of experience making sure critical systems perform properly, our specialists ensure that your systems are functioning and can be called upon at a moment's notice. As one of the leading providers of testing and inspection services for safety lighting systems and recognized by building code authorities, we hold your systems to high quality standards and work according to relevant regulations to make sure all your responsibilities are met and the lights come on.

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