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Wall and Floor Coverings

Wall and Floor Coverings

Quality Coverings for Floors and Walls

Is your carpet 100% free of hazardous substances? Can your hardwood floor withstand heavy stress? Is your wall-to-wall carpeting safe enough for a kindergarten classroom? As an accredited testing institute, we conduct chemical and physical quality tests for wall and floor coverings to ensure compliance with national and international standards. Our tests focus on emissions, hazardous substances, durability, adhesion, and mechanical strength.

Benefits at a Glance

TÜV Rheinland's independent tests help you:

  • Gain a competitive edge and confidence when it comes to product liability
  • Offer consumers added safety through certified products
  • Increase your customers' confidence in the quality and reliability of your products
  • Show your high quality of standards through evaluation by an international accredited testing institute

Overview of Our Services

  • Tests for hazardous substances
  • Chemical and physical stress tests geared toward intended application
  • Quality inspections
  • Tests for adhesion of floor materials to substrates

We also offer tests that go beyond legal compliance requirements.

Product Examples

  • Textile floor coverings and carpets
  • Wall cladding and paneling
  • Hardwood floors such as parquet or laminate floors
  • Natural floors such as linoleum, rubber, or cork
  • Wall-to-wall carpeting and PVC
  • Homogenous and heterogeneous PVC floor coverings
  • Wallpaper materials, such as woodchip, fabric, or fleece


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Get in contact with us!