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Support Management and Health Consultation Training Courses

Support management and health consultation: Health consultant trainings and more | TÜV Rheinland

Qualified support management and health consultation with our recognized certification

Our modular support management and health consultation training courses | TÜV Rheinland
Modular support management and health consultation training especially for social insurance employees, social pedagogues or curative teachers.

Healthier lifestyles, good nutrition and medical breakthroughs have increased the number of people requiring geriatric support or long-term healthcare. Hospitals, nursing homes, patients and their families rely on skilled professionals to precisely determine and responsibly manage effective healthcare strategies. We train and certify key staff for expert qualifications in the areas of support management and health consultation.

Our comprehensive courses prepare social services providers to specialize in positions according to new standards of excellence demanded in this growing field. We help you expand your technical qualifications to meet the challenges of a wide-range of patients and ensure quality long-term care and support. Our modular curriculums aim to reinforce cross-sector, interdisciplinary cooperation and understanding among professionals delivering diverse healthcare services.

We are your trusted provider for quality professional training and globally recognized certification in every sector.

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Certified in support management and health consultation with our training

Our personnel certifications provide recognized distinction proving your competence in the field of support management and health consultation. Our courses qualify you to succeed in consultant or management positions developing and overseeing diverse long-term care strategies. We provide you the skills to implement and maintain effective, efficient and result-oriented healthcare services. Our faculty of the highest credentials shares both technical knowledge and extensive practical experience to give you the tools you need to succeed. Our certification highlights your qualifications to increase your professional opportunities and strengthens your negotiating power.

Support management and health consultant training

We provide comprehensive training programs and certifications to fulfill the professional qualifications expected in modern long-term and elderly care.

Our extensive curriculum follows a modular structure for TÜV PersCert certification in professional titles such as:

  • Health Consultant (TÜV)
    Health consultants support patients in setting up self-help structures and carry out systematic risk assessments in the context of prevention programmes. They develop and professionally implement consulting and training concepts for citizens and families in need, as well as to build up networks across professions and industries.
  • Care Manager (TÜV)
    Care managers can manage inpatient or outpatient care facilities. They coordinate care processes, develop suitable care concepts and ensure compliance with quality standards and nursing standards. They lead teams and handle tasks related to contract and labor law with confidence.
  • Specialist Expert for Care and Consultation (TÜV)
    Specialist experts oversee tasks in processing and caregiving differently. They prepare care and training concepts for citizens and families who are in need of help and implement them professionally. They develop services for seniors for municipalities, concepts for social space development and neighborhood management at a municipal level. They also create opportunities for participation and can develop, control and evaluate patient-related case and care management in health issues.

Your trusted partner for quality training and recognized certification

A global player in extended vocational training, we provide comprehensive support management and health consultation curriculums from a single source. Our skilled instructors are carefully selected from our worldwide network of interdisciplinary experts. We conduct flexible, part-time trainings consisting of open and in-house seminars.

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Contact us now to enhance your professional qualifications!

Contact us now to enhance your professional qualifications!

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