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LAN Security

LAN Security

Optimized Security for Local Networks

LAN infrastructures are made up of heterogeneous components with varying levels of security specifications. Security violations often occur as a result of internal “attacks” started without a user’s knowledge during day-to-day operations. Our experts design and implement a fitting security solution - perfectly complementing your company's LAN. We check the authenticity and authority of communication by separating departments with different security requirements and inserting inspection points. Where necessary, we will also develop dynamic regulations and clearances that allow flexible and working free of interferences.

A Scalable, Custom-Made Solution - Secure for the Future

Technical flexibility is essential when it comes to planning and implementing our security concept. You will receive a solution that will become a central part of your company's infrastructure, designed to suit future requirements and developments. On top of that, we will select and combine the necessary elements that not only ensure the stability of the entire performance, but also the fail-safe nature of the entire system.

Benefits at a glance

Our experts will support you in securing your LAN system, allowing you to:

  • Identify weaknesses and optimization potential of your local network
  • Improve company performance - these components guarantee optimum productivity for your entire system
  • Repair or remove interferences to your optimized network more quickly and effectively
  • Improve transparency of communication and operational planning in your company

Our Procedure

Step 1: Analysis

Our experts get together with you in a workshop to analyze your company's existing infrastructure and define requirements for the solution to be implemented.

Step 2: Project Planning

Our employees will develop a project plan and final blueprint design for your LAN security solution.

Step 3: Implementation

We implement the solution.

Step 4: Approval and Transfer

You acquire extensive documentation and, following approval, we transfer operation to your company.


Get in contact with us!

Get in contact with us!