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Corporate Carbon Footprint

Corporate Carbon Footprint

Your Company's CO2 Footprint

How climate-friendly is your company? Take the first step on your way to certification as a "climate neutral company" with "Corporate Carbon Footprint" certification. Established as a measure of the environmental impact in the climate debate, the carbon footprint is an important part of holistic environmental assessments. It measures all greenhouse gases that occur along the value chain in your company.

TÜV Rheinland provides ISO 14064-compliant carbon footprint services, which help your enterprise learn more about the conditions of, and possible liabilities and risks associated with your GHG emissions. Carbon footprint assessment allows your company to demonstrate its corporate social responsibility (CSR) and promote sustainable low-carbon development.

The reasons for getting business-related carbon footprint certification are manifold. More and more companies are choosing their suppliers based on the CO2 emissions or provide incentive programs to reward carbon footprint assessment. Furthermore, the corporate footprint forms the basis for certification as a climate-neutral company and allows companies to participate in international initiatives that publish or determine levels of CO2 emissions.

Together with you, our experts identify and analyze emissions drivers and calculate reduction potential.

Benefits At A Glance

With the assistance of TÜV Rheinland to determine your corporate carbon footprint, you:

  • improve your energy efficiency with lower operating costs
  • identify the most cost-effective opportunities for emission reduction and save costs by reducing CO2 emissions
  • carbon footprint assessment gives you strong arguments when competing against less climate-friendly companies
  • Increase transparency of all processes and identify "emission hotspots"
  • Achieve your emission reduction objective and improve the transparency of your emission data, which boosts stakeholder confidence
  • Increase reliability by demonstrating the credibility, consistency, and clarity of GHG quantifying, monitoring, and reporting
  • Build a basis for development and implementation of a future GHG management strategy
  • Improve management of internal GHG data and processes
  • Can take advantage of an effective public marketing tool

Our Services

TÜV Rheinland helps you determine your company's carbon footprint and provides services for calculating, declaring, and attaining climate neutral emissions.

Corporate Carbon Footprint

The entire company (or a particular business site) is assessed over a specified period of time. Both direct emissions (e.g. fuel combustion) and indirect emissions are measured (for example, when procuring and consuming electricity or other products that have caused emissions in their production processes).

3 Steps to a Carbon Neutral Company

Our extensive expertise allows us to engage in the validation and verification of GHG emissions in both international GHG programs and national schemes.

  1. Company Evaluates GHG Emissions
    Based on the initial information, we conduct a preliminary evaluation of your GHG emissions.
  2. GHG Emissions Checklist
    Together with our experts, you calculate your emissions and identify opportunities for reducing emissions. We help you accurately ascertain the source of emissions, analyze your emissions model and data, and identify the most cost-effective way to reduce emissions.
  3. TÜV Rheinland Audit
    Once all of the above steps have been competed, TÜV Rheinland then conducts validation and verification for your Corporate Carbon Footprint audit and certification.

ISO 14064

ISO 14064 is an internationally recognized environmental standard that helps companies quantify, manage, report, and verify their GHG emissions. It employs a standardized method of calculating and verifying emission data, helping to alleviate the uncertainty surrounding emission statements and promoting international consistency.

The scope of the norm is as follows:

  • Risk management, such as identifying risks and managing opportunities
  • Implementation of voluntary GHG reduction, such as joining voluntary GHG registration and reporting schemes
  • Exploring possibilities of the GHG market, such as trading GHG quotas and credits
  • Mandatory regulations, for example, at governmental level


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