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Limited Production Certification (LPC)

Limited Production Certification (LPC) | TÜV Rheinland

Access to US and Canadian markets with LPC services

For manufacturers of industrial machinery, energy storage systems, SEMI testing and production equipment, specialized medical equipment and other industrial/commercial products accessing North American markets with unlisted products, market test runs or prototypes can be costly and time consuming. Limited Production Certification (LPC) is an alterate cost-efficient solution allowing components or batches of products to be certified or listed.

Our LPC services are designed to verify the conformance to UL (Underwriters Laboratories) and CSA (Canadian Standards Association) standards of infrequently produced batches, specialty equipment, those used for market testing or similar products. Following successful evaluation and testing, we issue our TUV Rheinland LPC certificate which opens US and Canadian markets.

We are a global leader in product inspection and quality assurance familiar with national and international regulatory frameworks. Our experts are available globally to handle LPC for organizations seeking to access the US and Canadian markets.

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Limited Production Certification for unlisted products is a cost-efficient alternative

Savings on annual fees, on-site inspections and full yearly certification is possible when you opt for Limited Production Certification. We offer LPC services for all types of electrical unlisted or substantially modified Listed products or those intended for market test releases, maintaining your access to crucial North American markets.

Benefits of Limited Production Certification compared to a normal Certification

Limited Production Certification procedure

Examples of when Limited Product Certification is applicable:

  • The product is unlisted and production quantities run one to several hundred units. Production takes place within a contiguous 3-month period.
  • The product is part of a limited "market test" run, and production takes place within a contiguous 3-month period.
  • The product constitutes a significant modification to a listed product and is limited to a specific number of units

Steps to LPC:

  • Evaluation of a representative sample in the laboratory or applicant’s facility to ensure full compliance with recognized standards
  • Certification marks applied by TÜV Rheinland or by the manufacturer at the point of final assembly
  • LPC report

Labeling Procedures:

  • Existing manufacturer applies labels as part of follow-up services (including the certification agreement, initial factory assessment and regular follow-up audits)
  • Existing manufacturer applies labels after a successful factory audit is performed
  • Our engineer performs one-time labeling (performed at a site other than the point of installation)

Customer-oriented product certification

As recognized leaders in product certification, we know the ins and outs of regulatory guidelines in North America and beyond. Our limited production certification keeps customer needs in the forefront, and that means reining in time to market and maximizing cost efficiency. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction while fulfilling UL and CSA standards as well as US and Canadian product safety regulations.

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