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Product certification: Product testing and test mark as proof of quality

Product certifications and test marks | TÜV Rheinland

Signal high quality and safety with our product tests and test marks

A product certificate confirms that a product meets defined criteria and defined safety-relevant aspects. The certificate specifies the basic principles according to which a product was tested. Corresponding test marks provide customers visible proof of quality to serve as a reliable decision-making aid when choosing a product. In a glance, recognized test marks are validation that product-specific quality has been checked by an independent third party. According to an end consumer survey, almost 90 % of respondents prefer manufacturer advertising statements to be neutrally reviewed and confirmed.

Our experts have many years of experience and support you with industry-specific product tests and certifications. We provide services for regulatory tests required by law for market approval as well as voluntary tests. Minimum requirements insist that safety-related aspects are met. Additional quality criteria determined by our specialists can be tested and certified to demonstrate your product meets the expectations of your customer.

With our internationally recognized test mark , you can easily signal the suitability, safety and high quality of your products in an effective advertising campaign.

Would you like to learn more about our product certification and test marks?

Secure competitive advantages and constant quality through our product certification

Our product certification and test mark can significantly boost your brand image and increase your market success. An effective advertising strategy bearing our test mark provides your customers a clear decision-making aid and gives you a clear competitive advantage. Our neutral production monitoring services help you to reduce risk and continuously present your customers with credible quality assurance. Our experts work to support a speedy product launch and help you access valuable international markets.

Our test mark: Exactly right for your products

Process of our product certification incl. product testing and test mark | TÜV Rheinland
Procedure of our product certification

A global leader, we provide comprehensive inspection, testing, verification and certification services around the world. Our international team of experts works in accredited laboratories and on-site operational facilities to test and certify the safety, usability and quality of technical systems as well as capital and consumer goods.

Our certification process

  1. Application for the desired certification sought for your product.
  2. Thorough examination of a representative selection of your products on basis of required criteria. Tests are carried out either in our test laboratories or directly on your premises, for example in exceptional cases involving very large machines.
  3. Issuance of product certificate and your test mark after successful acceptance.
  4. Monitoring of your production site at regular intervals to verify products manufactured currently correspond to the tested sample in order to ensure the continued validity of your certificate.

On request, you will receive an exclusive entry in our "Certipedia" online certificate database . By scanning in a QR code, your customers can easily and quickly access information about your certified products at any time.

Your recognized partner for neutral product testing and certification

We have stood for quality and safety for over 145 years. Our globally recognized independent testing and certification services conducted by experienced international experts help you secure the trust of your customers and business partners. We provide you a respected and renowned test mark as well as an entry in our Certipedia online database to ensure full transparency about the quality and safety of your products.

You too can benefit from our test marks and certifications.

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Important documents for download

pdf Brochure: TÜV Rheinland Test Mark and Certipedia 2 MB Download
pdf General Terms and Conditions (GTC) 430 KB Download
pdf Testing and Certification Regulations (PZO) 117 KB Download


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