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Wind Turbine Generators

Wind Turbine Generators

Wind Power: Well Engineered and Cost-Effective

Our services cover every aspect of wind power, allowing you to combine profitability and safety. At TÜV Rheinland we support you in all matters to do with technical safety, providing the basis for a long operating life and cost-effective operation of your wind turbine generators (WTG). From site analysis to inspections during installation, from acceptance tests to certification – our experts offer the full range of services as a one-stop shop.

Benefits at a Glance

With TÜV Rheinland’s services for inspecting and certifying wind turbine generators, you can:

  • Reduce plant outages
  • Enhance maintenance logistics planning
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Receive an independent assessment of quality, also in the case of legal disputes
  • Benefit from comprehensive services from a single source
  • Benefit from greater acceptance in the market

Our Services from Planning to Decommissioning

Our experts offer comprehensive services covering every aspect of wind turbine generator operation. These include:

  • Site analysis and assessments and subsurface investigations
  • Noise emission and emission forecasts, shade projections, and damage reports
  • Plausibility checks for standard designs and advice on individual modifications in accordance with state construction legislation
  • Supervision of concrete manufacturers, including all parts and components
  • Coordination of the structural analysis and the official review of the structural analysis
  • Measurement of loads, output curves, control behavior, and electrical properties
  • Fire protection concepts and reports and lightning protection
  • Legal discovery focused on infrastructure, transport routes, and more
  • Quality control and supervision of tower and foundation construction, including all parts and components
  • Risk analysis of, for example, rotor blade failures or falling ice
  • Structural inspection certificates and load capacity and serviceability certificates for rotor blades, towers, and foundations
  • Acceptance tests and inspections prior to commissioning
  • Building inspections by the testing agencies of TÜV Rheinland LGA
  • Periodic inspections, including inspections in accordance with machinery regulations and rotor blade inspection
  • Design load checks
  • Inspections prior to warranty expiry
  • Basic and advanced training of your employees as service fitters and service mechanics through, for example, safety courses and repair coaching
  • Rehabilitation concepts
  • Damage analysis
  • Decommissioning, including cost calculation for financing, preparation of tender documents, legal discovery, and recommendations for disposal

Energy Expertise Everywhere

E3 Energy Expertise Everywhere

We deliver precise, impartial and technically superior services for investors, manufacturers and operators in the energy industry.

Take a look at our project reference map : There you will find selected customer projects.

Reference Cases

pdf Reference Case: Alpha Ventus Offshore Wind Farm, Germany 848 KB Download
pdf Reference Case: Health & Safety Services for Enercon, Germany 506 KB Download
pdf Reference Case: Hybrid Tower Wind Turbine, Germany 549 KB Download
pdf Reference Case: Jhampir Onshore Wind Farm, Pakistan 805 KB Download
pdf Reference Case: Kirchberg Onshore Wind Farm, Germany 619 KB Download
pdf Reference Case: Life Cycle Assessment for Wind Turbine, Germany 506 KB Download
pdf Reference Case: Lifetime Extension, Germany 98 KB Download
pdf Reference Case: Mannheim Wind Turbine, Germany 628 KB Download
pdf Reference Case: Nordex Tower Design and Evaluation, Germany 158 KB Download
pdf Reference Case: Nordsee Ost Offshore Wind Farm, Germany 840 KB Download
pdf Reference Case: PowerWind Limited, India 105 KB Download
pdf Reference Case: Rotor Blade Design Assessment, Netherlands 103 KB Download
pdf Reference Case: Vestas Blades Training, Germany 616 KB Download
pdf Reference Case: Wielkopolska Onshore Wind Farm, Poland 563 KB Download
pdf Reference Case: Wind Farm in Aschersleben Germany 591 KB Download
pdf Reference Case: Wind Turbine Design Assessment for Ming Yang in China 147 KB Download
pdf Reference Case: Wind Turbines on the Island of Fehmarn, Germany 665 KB Download
pdf Reference Case: Winergy Hybrid Drive, Germany 87 KB Download

Our Services in Detail for the Wind Energy Sector

pdf Asia Pacific. A market with great investment potential for offshore wind farms 951 KB Download
pdf CE Marking for Wind Turbines 149 KB Download
pdf Coating Inspection for Wind Turbines 255 KB Download
pdf Condition Monitoring of Wind Energy Systems 217 KB Download
pdf Due Diligence - Wind Energy Projects 188 KB Download
pdf Expert Reports - Wind Energy Projects 144 KB Download
pdf Grid Connection - Wind Energy Projects 242 KB Download
pdf Health and Safety Services - Wind Energy Projects 129 KB Download
pdf Laboratory Testing Services - Wind Energy Sector 204 KB Download
pdf Management System Certification 415 KB Download
pdf Manufacturing Surveillance Services - Wind Energy Projects 159 KB Download
pdf Marine Warranty Survey 169 KB Download
pdf Periodic Inspections for Wind Farms 251 KB Download
pdf Project Planning Services - Wind Energy 202 KB Download
pdf Small Wind Turbine Certification 762 KB Download
pdf Risk and Safety Management - Wind Energy Projects 276 KB Download
pdf Training and Education Services - Wind Energy 158 KB Download
pdf Wind Energy Services - Overview 1 MB Download
pdf Wind Farm Project Certification 147 KB Download
pdf Wind Turbine Type and Component Certification 336 KB Download
pdf Wind brochure 1 MB Download

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