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ASI Performance Standard

ASI Certification for a More Sustainable Production of Aluminum Products | TÜV Rheinland

Improve your sustainability with Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) certification

Miners, fabricators and manufacturers adhere to the ASI standard to assure sustainability throughout the aluminum industry. ASI certification principles can also be used to audit transparent individual supply chains.

We provide comprehensive services to help you successfully achieve ASI certification and distinguish your products with the ASI certification mark. Our experts help you affect responsible sourcing and facilitate production sustainability to benefit your business as well as the environment and the community in which you operate.

Our qualified and experienced auditors provide you the support you need to boost confidence in your products with recognized ASI certification.

Demonstrate your corporate commitment to effective sustainability with ASI certification!

ASI certified with our recognized audit services

Your benefits of an ASI certification | TÜV Rheinland

Our ASI certification services help you demonstrate your sense of responsibility and provide you with credible and independent performance assurance. We help you to promote and reinforce confidence in your products among stakeholders and consumers alike. We assess your sustainable production process to confirm conformance with ASI requirements. Our experts identify your potential for improvement and evaluate the effectiveness of your sustainability strategies. ASI certification and the ASI certification mark strengthen your corporate reputation to emphasize the importance of sustainability throughout the aluminum industry.

Our ASI Performance Standard audit services

The five steps of the ASI certification | TÜV Rheinland

The ASI performance standard applies to all phases of aluminum production and transformation as well as material stewardship criteria relevant to downstream users. Both the ASI performance and chain of custody standards have been developed to be globally implemented throughout the aluminum value chain.

ASI certification process:

1. Self assessment

Preparation phase for the certification audit, in accordance with its defined scope of certification.

2. Certification audit

Risk-based conformity assessment carried out by us as an ASI accredited auditor. During the certification audit we verify the Entity has systems in place that conform to the ASI Performance Standard.

3. Audit report

Our experts prepare the report for ASI and the member, including appropriate corrective action plans if needed.

4. Certification issued

If we submit the report and recommend certification, ASI checks the audit report for clarity and completeness. ASI then issues Certification for up to three years and updates the ASI website.

5. Periodic reviews

Surveillance Audit within 12-18 months and re-certification audit to verify further compliance and assess other identified risks after the 3-year certification period.

We support you in achieving voluntary ASI certification and qualifying for the ASI certification mark. Both certification and the recognized quality mark are issued by the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative after a successful audit has been completed.

Your experienced and efficient partner for ASI certification

We are your global partner for sustainability audit services to improve your aluminum supply chain and production processes. Our committed team of highly qualified international experts aims to provide you an audit most appropriate for your individual circumstance. We work with you to determine certification scope and find effective solutions beneficial to your company.

Take advantage of our expertise to ensure that you qualify for ASI certification!

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