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Optimizing Performance of Solar Power Plants

Optimizing Performance of Solar Power Plants

Improve quality and lifetime performance of PV components and systems to assess capability and profitability.

Guarantee the optimal performance, reliability and quality of PV components and systems operating in solar power plants and take advantage of properly assessed and maintained capability. Our performance optimization experts can help you measure, analyze and optimize performance, qualify and analyze lifetime traits of PV components and systems and recognize technological trends to meet the high standards required of photovoltaic modules and reliably harvest guaranteed rated power.

Why performance optimization of PV modules and systems?

Performance and Reliability of Photovoltaic Power Systems

Investors, owners, operators and buyers wary of unreliable production caused by under-performing PV modules and systems understand the advantages provided by predictive maintenance and performance optimization. Scheduling appropriate maintenance intervals and optimizing performance can:

  • Ensure that systems and procedures perform sufficiently and economically to achieve forecasted earnings
  • Identify and eliminate deviations from ideal performance results

Performance optimization throughout the entire lifecycle of solar project

Our experts can help you profit by providing you valuable information with comprehensive performance optimization services such as:

  • Performance measurement and energy yield assessment
    • Record performance ratio of the maximum possible and actual energy yields in various climate zones
    • Collect field data on module defects and system failures
    • Coordinate and evaluate various methods of assessing the condition of PV modules
    • Applying collected data to yield prediction models where it is verified and validated
    • Measure performance under standard test and specific ambient conditions

  • Final analysis and optimization
    • Analyze technical assessments according to the business plan to determine whether technical and economic evaluations are consistent and how performance can be optimized

  • Lifetime analysis
    • Test PV components and modules using sophisticated accelerated ageing procedures in the laboratory
    • Detect and analyze premature failure of modules in the field
    • Provide investors, EPCs and insurers comprehensive support for both the early assessment and long-term quality of products
    • Provide reliable measurement data as an integral part of a reliability-centered maintenance program

Your benefit

A member of the “Performance and Reliability of Photovoltaic Power Systems” (Task 13) project funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, TÜV Rheinland works to continue research started in 2010. We investigate the reliability and performance of operating PV systems in order to:

  • Increase security for investors, developers and operators of solar power plants by systematically collecting, analyzing and presenting yield data from PV systems operating around the world
  • Estimate and predict energy yields of PV systems in various climate zones as precisely as possible
  • Significantly improve performance over time, incorporating performance data, visual inspection and infrared imaging to map and analyze trends
  • Identify and eliminate any issues challenging ideal performance results by simulating real operations using various on-site approval and performance tests before commissioning of a plant.

The project is part of the International Energy Agency (IEA) “Photovoltaic Power System Program”.

With extensive experience in the field of solar energy and a global network of experts, we are ready to assist you with comprehensive services specifically tailored to your performance optimization needs throughout the entire lifecycle of your solar project.


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