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Solar Thermal Systems

Solar Thermal Systems

Tapping the Sun’s Power to Generate Heat

Along with their capacity, the reliability and service life of solar panels are key factors when considering installation of a solar power plant. National and international companies rely on TÜV Rheinland’s solar thermal test laboratory and its testing and certification services to ensure the quality, safety, reliability, and performance of their solar thermal products. Our laboratory’s services comply with the DIN/EN/ISOIEC 17025 norm. In addition, ours is an accredited test laboratory for DIN CERTCO for Solar Keymark and by the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC).

Benefits at a Glance

With TÜV Rheinland as your partner for testing and certifying solar thermal products, you can:

  • Certify the quality of your products’ performance, reliability, safety, and functionality
  • Facilitate access to European and American markets, increasing your sales potential
  • Obtain certification of your products’ eligibility for subsidies in Germany

Individual Tests

  • Impact strength
  • Cyclical pressure and tensile stress
  • Material testing in climate chamber: freeze resistance
  • Material testing in UV chamber
  • Thermographic studies with infrared cameras
  • Verification of the safety and reliability of electrical components

Overview of Solar Thermal Qualification Testing

  • Collector testing on flat and vacuum tube collectors that comply with European standard EN 12975 and SRCC standard 100:
    • Reliability and performance tests and manufacturing site inspections
    • Evaluation of open-air weathering in Germany and Italy
    • Pressure testing
    • Temperature testing
  • Performance testing of warm water storage in compliance with European standard EN 12977-3
  • Inspection of absorbers and internal thermal shock test
  • Inspection of standardized systems
    Performance and quality testing based on European standard EN 12976, for example, for integrated storage collectors and thermo-siphon systems
  • Inspection of customer-specific systems
    Testing of collectors, regulators, and storage systems with component testing system simulation (CTSS) based on the European prestandard ENV 12977


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