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Doors and Gates

Doors and Gates

Audit and Certification of Doors and Gates

In public, private, and commercial buildings or in emergency exits and evacuation routes, safety is a decisive factor when it comes to power-operated or physically maneuvered doors and gate systems. In an emergency, it may even mean the difference between a life or death situation. We audit the mechanical and electrical safety or your products based on statutory requirements, such as current directives and norms, or according to your specific wishes. Amongst other things, we inspect your product's conformity with applicable norms, including such as DIN EN 12604, DIN EN 12605, DIN EN 12445, DIN EN 12453, and DIN 18650-1 and 2

Benefits at a Glance

Productaudits and certification from TÜV Rheinland help you:

  • Document the implementation of legal requirements with audit reports and certificates
  • Lower liability for your company by implementing documented product standards
  • Prove your active engagement in preventing accidents
  • Boost confidence in the quality and safety of your products
  • Improve your competitive stance with a neutral audit seal

Our Audits

Our employees inspect the safety of your products in several areas. They carry out:

  • Development-related audits
  • Construction audits
  • On-site observation and automation

We Audit

  • Abrasion
  • Corrosion
  • Damage and mobility of moving parts

Additional Tests

  • Interior and exterior handles for moving door sections
  • Locking device to prevent unexpected closing, for example due to a sudden gust of wind
  • Features that prevent collapse of door segments that open upwards
  • Acceptable condition, correct installation, and stability
  • Guidance and control features

Legal Basis of Our Audits

Our audits on-site or in our labs are based on the following directives and norms:

  • Emergency door guidelines: (Richtlinie über elektrische Verriegelungssysteme von Türen in Rettungswegen (EltVTR) and Richtlinie über automatische Schiebetüren in Rettungswegen (AutSchR))
  • Gates and barriers norms: DIN EN 12604, DIN EN 12605, DIN EN 12445, DIN EN 12453
  • Automatic door systems, for example rotating and automatic doors: DIN 18650-1 and 2

Product Examples

  • Doors in emergency exits and corridors
  • Gates and barriers
  • Automatic door systems, for example revolving and automatic doors
  • All accessories and components


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