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NIAS Program Management

We provide comprehensive NIAS testing and risk assessment services that go beyond the usual | TÜV Rheinland

We support by reducing the complexity of NIAS Safety Validation

Take advantage of our expert NIAS (non-intentionally added substances) Testing and Risk Assessment Services

Confirming the safety of any non-intentionally added substances (NIAS) of your products is a mandatory and important task in Europe and China – and has an indirect impact in other countries. Failure to comply with regulations will have devastating effects on your brand. Even if a raw material is approved for food contact, the initial manufacturing process and subsequent modifications can lead to degradation as well as the addition of impurities or contamination in the final product. Today, analytical techniques are able to measure even the smallest level of chemical migration from your FCM goods into food. With products potentially manufactured using different raw materials coming from various suppliers, keeping track and validating all the variables – and then overseeing testing – is a major responsibility and an arduous undertaking. Which is made more difficult by suppliers who are not eager to share insights into the composition of their materials.

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Our services included in NIAS Testing and risk assessment services

Our NIAS Specialists support you every step of the way

The complexity of proving NIAS compliance is vast. It is not enough to know how to correctly screen a product or packaging, but also to interpret the results and understand where a potential migratable substance is coming from. This is where our scientific expertise and industrial knowledge can do the difference. In addition, as a neutral 3rd party, suppliers of raw materials are more disposed to disclosing their composition. Plus, in the event of NIAS validation of your full product portfolio, we support you with clustering with the selection of a balanced risk profile. This allows for an optimized cost benefit of the NIAS testing and in the reuse of the results for new product development or SKU manufacturing definition.

Capitalize on new developments and building internal knowledge

  • NIAS Testing & Risk Assessment
    • NIAS untargeted screening tests
    • NIAS identification & Risk Assessment of NIAS screening
    • Toxicological Assessment study
  • NIAS Program Management:
    • Supply chain mapping and data gathering
    • NDA establishment with supply chain
    • Product clustering support and Risk profile definition
    • Testing program optimization
    • Product Data gathering
    • NIAS identification and root cause analysis of NIAS result
    • Creation of compliance technical dossier for product portfolio
    • Compliance by design

Complete Program Management Service provides valuable insights

At TÜV Rheinland we are your compliance partner right when you begin research and development. Because NIAS requirements can be managed simply with testing to answer legal obligations. Or it can be an opportunity to use screening information to validate raw materials, components and production processes. As a chance to build internal RD knowledge that can be used again and again to accelerate development of compliant finished products and validate an entire product portfolio.

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Free Webinar Series - Food Contact Material

Free Webinar Series - Food Contact Material

Our experts will guide you in the FCM worldwide regulatory landscape and in the routes to achieve product compliance. Enhance your knowledge and participate in our Webinar Series


Get all important information about Regulatory Management at a glance:

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