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Motorcycle clothing certification

We support motorcycle clothing manufacturers with all testing and certification complying to relevant standards

For the safety of consumers and producers

Before motorcycle clothing can be sold in the European Union, it is required to pass stringent tests and meet numerous requirements. The multitude of standards makes it difficult for manufacturers to keep an overview. Which standard applies to which article of clothing? Which test methods are applicable? What documents need to be submitted and at what stage of product development should the tests take place?

We provide answers to all these questions, explain the regulatory requirements and guide you through the testing process. You can rely on our experienced specialists who combine professional expertise with their passion for motorcycling.

Benefit from the high trust that authorities and consumers have in our test results.

We compile an individualized testing program tailored to your specific needs and products, ensuring you always comply with regulations in the EU as well as in the UK – increasingly becoming subject to its own rules.

Reduce your liability risk through documented safety standards. We also test all motorcycle clothing articles in our own labs enabling you to benefit from short testing times.

Credible certification: a guaranteed path to accessing markets

Motorcycle clothing is subject to EU Regulation 2016/425, better known as the PPE Regulation, on the design and manufacture of personal protective equipment. It is therefore subject to testing in the same way as, for example, occupational safety clothing. This means that motorcycle jackets, trousers, gloves, boots, protectors etc., and of course helmets, may only be marketed in the European Union if they meet certain standards.

The Personal Protective Equipment Regulations 2018 applies similarly to the United Kingdom (UK): motorcycle clothing must have proof of appropriate testing before it can be sold on the market, at the latest after the transitional period expires on 1 January 2025. You can also benefit here by TÜV Rheinland being represented in the UK as an Approved Body. This will save you from having to go through other organizations and authorities.

We perform all the necessary tests for you in accordance with the relevant standards or according to an individualized testing program. Material tests in accordance with EN 17092 are at the core of the tests. This standard specifies, among other things, material and design requirements for motorcycle clothing, as well as ergonomics when riding.

Importantly, all labs for the various tests are part of the TÜV Rheinland network. All your points of contact are then located in one organization.

Comprehensive expertise on all aspects of motorcycle clothing

Products are generally submitted by manufacturers at the prototype stage. Any weak points discovered during our testing can then be rectified before series production begins. Our reports list detailed test results, so every evaluation will take you one step further in the right direction. You will found out, for example, the material thickness and speed at which an abrasion test produces specific types of damage. Our experts also check the relevant documentation.

We test and certify motorcycle clothing in the highest AAA protection class against abrasion and impact injuries in accordance with EN 17092-2. EN 17092-3 applies to garments with AA protection class. Class A provides the third highest level of protection, Class B provides limited abrasion protection, and Class C (to be worn as undergarments or outerwear only) provides limited impact injury protection.

EN 13594 (protective gloves for motorcyclists) applies to motorcycle gloves. For motorcycle protectors, we apply EN 1621 (parts 1-4 for chest, joints, back and inflatable protectors). For off-road motorcyclists, protectors must comply with EN 14021 (protectors against impact from rocks and debris).

On the basis of these and other standards, we check motorcycle clothing for:

  • Sizing: dimensions and size details
  • Ergonomic features such as wear comfort using test persons
  • Non-harmful: chemical tests for harmful substances
  • Impact testing: shock absorption ability of different materials
  • Strength of different seams and materials
  • Abrasion tests: by simulating falls
  • Tensile strength: by determining tensile forces materials can withstand
  • Labeling and user information: completeness of consumer information
  • EU conformity: completeness of documentation

After each test, we prepare a detailed report for you. If your product meets the requirements of the respective standards, you will receive the EU type examination certificate (CE) and/or the "UK Conformity Assessed" mark (UKCA) for your product.

Improved safety and time gains – Overview of the benefits you get

The internationally recognized tests performed by TÜV Rheinland:

  • Make your products marketable – in both the EU and UK
  • Enable you to fulfill the requirements of the PPE regulation
  • Give you a professional and detailed assessment of your products by an independent third party
  • Reduce your liability risk by providing documented safety standards
  • Enable you to actively contribute to reducing the consequences of accidents

Expertise and experience create security and trust

The many years of experience we have gained mean you benefit from short testing times and expert support. You get all the testing procedures and certifications for motorcycle clothing and safety helmets from us as a single source, including mechanical and chemical tests, e.g. for back protectors, plastic parts, textile-leather testing, etc. This saves you the time and effort required to find and commission another testing institute and gives you valuable extra time to launch your products on the market.

Our simultaneous CE and UKCA certification is also a time saver and we are the only testing institute in the European Union that offers both certifications and performs them in parallel.

Our experts are also familiar with all the standards and test procedures and are happy to pass this know-how on to you. New regulatory requirements are also constantly monitored by our professionals, who will alert you to any changes that may occur.

As a notified inspection body, we are highly diligent in applying standards and regulations. This makes our test reports highly reliable on the actual strengths of a product while also giving authorities and consumers maximum confidence in our test results – so you gain a major competitive advantage when launching and marketing motorcycle clothing.

Make the most of our experience and networks. Get in contact with our experts now!

Case Study: Certification of high-quality motorcycle clothing

Find out about the successful partnership between TÜV Rheinland and Stadler, the renowned manufacturer of motorcycle clothing! Download our case study now and discover how TÜV Rheinland tested and certified the safety and quality of Stadler's clothing. It explains how TÜV Rheinland approached the testing of Stadler's clothing and the rigorous tests that were carried out to ensure the highest standards of safety, comfort and performance.


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Get in contact with us!

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