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Excellent Performance Results for Rucksacks, and Suitcases

Customers really appreciate it when your products have an impeccable quality and safety record. We offer safety and quality audits for rucksacks, suitcases, and all sorts of bags. These audits range from production of the material, functions of moving parts, or even whether the interior and bottom of the bag is rainproof.

Benefits at a glance

An internationally recognized test mark from TÜV Rheinland helps you:

  • Document the implementation of legal requirements with audit reports and certificates
  • Feel self-assured when advertising your product
  • Improve your market position with tested products
  • Reduce liability for your company with documented safety standards
  • Demonstrate your high standard of quality

Our Audits

Our experts inspect rucksacks based on internal standards that are, in part, based on requirements for goods or manufacturers. Apart from that, we also audit and certify products according to the following criteria:

  • Production material
  • Mark: name of the manufacturer
  • Function of moving parts such as lock and adjustments
  • Roller test and durability
  • Size
  • Weight by comparative weighing and checking the weight stated on the label
  • Ergonomics inspection:
    • 1. Audit as to whether the back cushioning fulfills ergonomic requirements to suit the body
    • 2nd audit as to whether the carrying strap is cushioned
    • 3rd audit as to whether the carrying handle can be gripped with one hand.

  • Volume of interior
  • Interior and base rainproof
  • Resilience, that is, after a fall
  • Ease of carrying using handles and carrying elements
  • Break-proof
  • Corrosion
  • Chemistry

Product Examples

  • Luggage, such as suitcases, travel bags, trolleys, and hand luggage
  • Trekking rucksacks, tank bags, beauty cases, sports bags, handbags, wallets


Get in contact with us!

Get in contact with us!

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