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FSC® CoC Certification

FSC® CoC Certification

Strengthen the Trust of Your Customers – with Our FSC® Certifications for Your Forest Management or Chain of Custody

The environmental awareness of end consumers and in the industry and economy is growing, leading to an increased demand for wood products from responsible sources. But for the customer it is often difficult to trace the origin of products and the way the forest was managed or to recognize wood-based materials from responsibly managed forests.

Responsible forest management can be verified by a FSC® Forest Management Certification. The management of your forests will be assessed according to the FSC® principles and will be certified upon successful compliance with the criteria.

With a FSC® Certification you also demonstrate to your customers that you care about the chain from the management of the forest to the finished wood product. We certify your entire product chain (chain of custody), i.e. all owners of the wood starting at the forest via the entire production and retail chain to the finished product.

Secure your competitive edge now and contact our experts about your FSC® Certification.

Demonstrate the Use of Responsibly Produced Raw Materials you’re your Environmental Awareness – with Our FSC® Certifications

In order to label your goods with a registered FSC® logo or to sell them as FSC® certified products, as a member of a production and commercial chain you will need a FSC® Chain of Custody Certification. As a forestry business, a FSC® Forest Management Certification gives you the opportunity to document your responsible management of the forest. This way you can demonstrate the use of responsibly manufactured raw materials for the production of your products along the entire production and retail chain – a clear advantage over your competitors.

In addition, all holders of a FSC® certificate issued by us are entered into our data base and are also announced on the official website of the FSC®. This is an additional benefit for you, because manufacturers, users or consumers are using these sites to research FSC® certified forestry businesses and companies along the product chain.

The Way to Your Competitive Advantage – Three Steps to Your FSC® Certificate

The FSC® rules and regulations in combination with our certification program form the basis for your FSC® Certification. Depending on the type and origin of your products and the number of locations to be certified, different FSC® standards apply. The FSC® Certification process has the following three steps:

  1. Quotation Phase
    You contact our experts and we will send you all relevant application materials and any additional information needed for a FSC® Certification. After you returned to us the completed questionnaire and provided all relevant basic information, we will prepare an individual quotation for your FSC® Certification. You will then send the signed quotation back to us, including application form and license agreement.
  2. On-site Audits
    Our expert auditors conduct audits on location at your company sites to assess for instance whether an intermixing of certified and non-certified wood can be ruled out and to identify any weak points. Audits include talks with the Executive Management and employees to establish conformity with the requirements of the applicable FSC® standards.
  3. Conformity Assessment and Certificate
    All audit results will be provided to you in a conformity assessment, where we also inform you of any non-conformities. After a positive assessment, you will receive your FSC® certificate and the right to use the registered FSC® logo. Subsequent annual surveillance audits will ensure the continuous improvement of your processes.

Obtain a FSC® Certification for Your Company

With an easy and transparent certification process, the DIN CERTCO experts are your partner for a successful FSC® Certification. Our 40 years experience in the certification business and a large network of seasoned experts will give you the expertise needed for your professional FSC® Certification.

Demonstrate and document sustainability and environmental awareness with the registered FSC® logo. Contact us for your custom quotation now.

Special contact for customers located in China, HongKong and Taiwan

DIN CERTCO established cooperation with TUV Rheinland in order to provide local support to customers located in China, HongKong, and Taiwan.
For further questions, please refer to DIN CERTCO in Berlin or the affiliate office in Shanghai.

In case you do not wish support by our local partner, please let us know when applying for certification.

General FAQ about the Forest Stewardship Council FSC

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What is FSC®?

The Forest Stewardship Council, FSC® in short, was founded in 1993 and is a non-governmental, non-profit organization. Together with international environmental organizations, labor unions, representatives of indigenous peoples and with companies from the forest sector and the timber industry, FSC® advocates for an environmentally-friendly, socially responsible and economically viable use of forests. FSC® is open to everyone who is interested in sustainable forest management and in the preservation of our forests.

What are the goals of FSC®?

FSC® wants to make a contribution to the sustainable management of our forests worldwide. In this context, FSC® serves as an alliance of representatives who have different forest-related interests. All representatives are constantly working on a meaningful consensus for a responsible forest management, which is leading to the development of management standards and marketing methods for forest products. The most important marketing tool of FSC® certified products is the registered FSC® logo.

What is the path from sustainable forest management to a FSC® certified product?

The FSC® standard specifies environmental and social minimum standards for the management of forests. Independent certification organizations such as DIN CERTCO annually verify the compliance of each forest owner with these standard in on-site audits. Upon successful inspection by an independent third party, forest owners may label their products with the FSC® logo and use the logo to market their products. Additional periodic inspections of the further processing of the wood ensure that the FSC® labeled wood is not mixed with non-certified wood, which would not be permissible. This leads to a seal, which consumers recognize and equate with responsible forest management.

What are the principles and criteria for a FSC® Certification of forests?

FSC® has defined globally consistent FSC® principles for a responsible forest management, which are implemented on the national level in the form of indicators. Compliance with the following principles is required:

  • Principle 1: Compliance with laws and FSC® principles
  • Principle 2: Claims of ownership, land use rights, responsibilities
  • Principle 3: Rights of indigenous peoples
  • Principle 4: Relationships with local communities and labor rights
  • Principle 5: Benefits from the forest
  • Principle 6: Environmental impacts
  • Principle 7: Management plan
  • Principle 8: Monitoring and evaluation
  • Principle 9: Maintenance of forests with high conservation values
  • Principle 10: Management of plantations

Are the same standards applied for certifications worldwide?

The FSC® Certification and the FSC® standard are based on the internationally consistent principles and criteria of FSC®. As the ecological, social and economic conditions differ from country to country, the national standards for each country are put in concrete terms and may contain different indicators. However, the national FSC® working groups in each country are required to align and harmonize their FSC® standards with their neighboring countries.

Why is the use of the FSC® logo so strictly regulated?

It is the responsibility of all FSC® certified companies to ensure that only products made from FSC® certified raw materials are carrying the logo. This is assured by a unique and individual certification number and an individual logo license number within the logo. This gives your customers the opportunity to track each product from the forest over processing to retail. Verifying the adherence to this process is the role of independent third parties like DIN CERTCO.

What is the difference between an ISO Certification and a FSC® Certification?

ISO Certifications focus on processes and management well as on the quality of products. Unlike the FSC® logo, the ISO certificate cannot be affixed directly to your wood products. Because you can have both, an ISO and a FSC® Certification for your company, both standards together often offer a perfect combination.

Does FSC® allow the management of plantations?

The FSC® Certification of plantations is regulated by strictly defined framework conditions. Further information is available on the FSC® website.

What is the position of FSC® on genetically modified organisms?

FSC® generally prohibits the use of genetically modified tree species. There are no exceptions.

In which countries does DIN CERTCO offers FSC certification services?

This service is offered at a world-wide scope.
Our accreditation also include the FSC-STD-40-005 standard.

FSC FM (Forest Management)
This service is offered in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
DIN CERTCO is in possession of a valid accreditation by ASI (Accreditation Service International) for the aforementioned areas.

FAQ about Our FSC® CoC Certification Service

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How can I give DIN CERTCO’S SERVICE a feedback?

We would like to have your feedback at or +49307562-1131

Alternatively you can use our form. The general handling of complaints is governed by our terms and conditions. The special features of FSC section can be found in our published document „complaint procedure FSC“

Where can I find the current versions of the FSC® standards?

The current versions and further information about the FSC® Certification and other applicable documents can be found in the FSC® Rules and Regulations.

Where can I find general information about FSC®?

General information can be found on the website FSC® International.

What are the duties and responsibilities of the certificate holder?

The requirements of the certification program and the applied standards must be taken into account. DIN CERTCO must be informed about all changes related to management or resources. Any established non-conformities must be corrected in due time and the corrective action taken must be communicated to DIN CERTCO and the auditor in charge. Declarations and the use of the FSC® logo are only allowed after a successful issue of the certificate and only for the scope indicated on the certificate.

Who do I contact to have the use of my logo approved by the certification body?

Please send any inquiries about logo approval/print approval to the following email address:

Can I combine a FSC® CoC Certification with a PEFC™ CoC Certification?

Yes, that is possible. If you are interested in a FSC® CoC Certification in combination with PEFC™-CoC, please let us know directly when you first contact us. It will be taken into account when preparing your quotation and selecting the auditor.

PHPL (Performance Assessment on Sustainable Production Forest Management) Certification

Performance assessment on sustainable production forest management (PHPL) is an embodiment of the concept of sustainable development in the forestry sector. To achieve of PHPL objectives, a sustainable forest management system is needed that ensures the sustainability of the production function, ecological function and social function of the forest.

The Indonesian goverment was issued Ministry of Environment and Forestry regulation No. P.30/Menlhk/Setjen/PHPL.3/3/2016 and Director General Regulation of Sustainable Production Forest Management No. P.14/PHPL/SET/4/2016 as the last of policies regarding PHPL (performance assessment on sustainable production forest management) certification and timber legality verification system (SVLK)

Object & standards :

• Holders of Natural Forest (IUPHHK-HA) : Annex 1.1

• Holders of Plantation Forest (IUPHHK-HT) : Annex 1.2

• Holders of Restoration Forest (IUPHHK-RE) : Annex 1.3

• Management right holders : Annex 1.4

Timber Legality Verification System (SVLK) & V-Legal Document

SVLK (Sistem Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu) is the acronym of Indonesia’s national timber legality assurance system, which is a mandatory legality and sustainability certification system built on a national multistakeholder consensus. Under Indonesian law that SVLK certification and related documents (SVLK certificates and export licenses called V-Legal Documents) constitute proof of legality for Indonesian timber products.

The Indonesian goverment was issued Ministry of Environment and Forestry regulation No. P.30/Menlhk/Setjen/PHPL.3/3/2016 and Director General Regulation of Sustainable Production Forest Management No. P.14/PHPL/SET/4/2016 as the last of policies regarding PHPL (performance assessment on sustainable production forest management) certification and timber legality verification system (SVLK)

Object & standards :

• Holders of Natural Forest (IUPHHK-HA), Plantation Forest (IUPHHK-HT), Restoration Forest (IUPHHK-RE) and management right holders : Annex 2.1

• State forests that are managed by the Community (IUPHHK-HTR, IUPHHK-HKm, IUPHHK-HD, IUPHHK-HTHR) : Annex 2.2

• Forests Rights including leasehold, the Right to Use, Land of Crooked, Titisara, Forest that belongs to the village, Traditional Forest and Graves : Annex 2.3

• Holders of IPK, including IPPKH : Annex 2.4

• Holders of IUIPHHK with a production capacity of more than 6,000 (six thaousand) cubic meters per year and IUI with an investment of more that IDR 500,000,000 (five hundred million rupiah) : Annex 2.5

• Holders of IUIPHHK with production capacity of up to 6,000 (six thaousand) cubic meters per year and IUI with an investment of up to IDR 500,000,000 (five hundred million rupiah) : Annex 2.6

• TDI holders : Annex 2.7

• IRT / Craftsmen : Annex 2.8

• TPT : Annex 2.9

• Exporters of non-manufacturers : Annex 2.10

Terms and Conditions

pdf Terms and Conditions of Certification (KAN) 300 KB Download
pdf General Terms and Conditions of Business of TUV Rheinland Indonesia 5 MB Download

PHPL & VLK Active Certificate List

PHPL & VLK New Applicant

PHPL & VLK Issued Certificate

PHPL & VLK Suspension Certificate

PHPL & VLK Terminated Certificate List

Report and Certificate V-Legal

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